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02,03,04 SE black book prices

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I got this from my buddie in Winston Salem.
Just some idea of local Gwagen prices for Janurary.


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i have all that info. dads a dealer ;)

what do you want to know.

just figure on average money. that is where most dealer hit you. some hit you at rough money... then you have you deduction for milage. so take my 2002 G with 38k miles.

Average money of $44,275 - $0... but usually you have hit depending on miles

But if i went with "CLEAN" money $48,075 - $600 for miles would put me at $47,475.00

Truith be know if you get average money for a G the way the market is right now you probably doing good. Then again it depend on what you trading on.. I mean you would not go $44,275 from window sticker on a new G.

I have the books on all cars, trucks, suvs, they change ever week and we get new one.. if you ever need anything just e mail ill give you the info.. dont want to see anyone get ripped of.. but at the same time dont name drop on me when you at the dealer ;)

The_Analyst Not knowing you milage and i cant tell you exactley what it it, but i would say you looking at average money. $48870, unless its a G55 then 57075
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