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00E55 original owners view

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I recently bought a really nice 00E55 from the original owner he is 63 years old and I want to share with you what he thought of the car.
I will quote him the best I can recall...

He said I hated it, it was mostly in my garage, my oldest son not at home talked me into buying it, I paid $78,000 and my son said it would be a good investment, my son was wrong.
He complained to me that the brakes squeaked and after he told the dealer about it he was charged $1,000 for new front brakes and when he got the car back the brakes still squeaked. He said the car had lots of power but he never had it over 100mph as he did not care about the power. He said the dealer maintained it for service and he said he told the dealer it had a rough ride and the dealer told him that is how the E55 rides.
The last straw for him to get rid of it was when he could not make it up a 30 degree hill after a small skiff of snow and he had to have the car towed home. He concluded by saying he hopes I enjoy the car.
My view is how did I get so lucky to buy a great barely used rocket ship that has never been to the moon?
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I don't mind, It had high 40's mileage, I paid 1/2 of what he paid new including $1,200 shipping, a new $2,400 bumper to bumper 24 month warranty (for my peace of mind), and including $2,800 sales tax/license.
I know I could of got one cheaper but it was the color combo I wanted silver outside on two tone black and silver/creme inside and the condition is superb. He even had factory Mercedes rubber mats over the amg mats since it was new.
I did have one bad surprise after I took deliver, I bought the car sight unseen and the seller told me that the car had only one door ding and I thought big deal a dentless guy will get it out for $50 but it was on the lip/edge of the rear wheel well. It cost me $800 as the entire quarter panel had to be repainted, recleared and buffed, its gorgeous and matches perfectly but 800 bones is a hell of door ding!
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