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I have an odd issue with my A Class and hoping that this might be a known problem with a fix.

The car is an auto transmission and about a year ago the TCU failed. I had this repaired through a Mercedes certified garage and was then told that the gearbox has burnt out as well. As I had already spent on the TCU , I agreed to fit a used gearbox with warrated miles. The transmission has 2 modes C (guessing Comfort) and S (Sports). After fitting the new transmission, when I drove the car in C mode and tried to start in C mode I got the "Display fault - Visit Workshop" error, gear information was not available on the dash and car would not even start. I then drove the car for a year on Sports mode and had no issues.
Last week I sent the car for a service and it came back in C mode. I continued to use the car in C Mode for couple of days and this morning I have the same display fault error. I have tried to battery reset and the fault is not clearing. I used a Creader ViII reader but this is unable to connect to the engine. In the previous instance when this happened the garage said that they only disconnected and reconnected the TCU and the car fired up. I have tried this and no luck. I can hear a long continuous beep near the tranmission box (under the car).

Is there something else playing up that is causing this issue that I should be looking at? Do i need to check any relay?

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