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‘79 300SD Can Be Hard To Start…

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I recently purchased a 300SD with a little over 300,000 miles on it. It runs really well when it’s warmed up, but even with the summer heat I’m having trouble starting it right up if I haven’t driven it in 6+ hours. It turns over for a while the first try and when it eventually starts, it bumps around before turning back off. It takes me about 3 tries before it starts, and then it’s a little bumpy for the first 15 seconds before I shift into drive. It’s also leaking some baseball-sized oil spots, though I understand that this is characteristic and was assured so by a few people. Apparently the glow plugs were replaced within the 6 months before I purchased it as well. Any clue as to what might be the issue?
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Excuse me for also being completely new to this stuff — I’m trying to learn.
Welcome! New is fine. Can I suggest filling out your profile for us please? Complete your Profile

Have you got a W116 or a W126 series 300SD? I think it must be a W116?
My bad, I’ll get on that! It is a W116, you’re correct
Aha. Beautiful cars.

I'll move you along to that section then for more specific help.
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@John350 is your man for all things diesel.

Do show us pics of the car some time.
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