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  1. W166 M-Class / GLE-Class
    Hi folks, I have a 2012 ML350 W166 with the OM642 diesel engine. I have been experiencing some EGR issues recently, with the engine light popping up at coolant temps around 80 degrees. The engine light typically shows up during long trips where the engine is at a constantly high temperature. It...
  2. C216 CL-Class
    A very good end sunday to everyone, Considering that the interest of a forum is in the interaction with other members, I enclose you below photos of my CL 500 with some improvements carried out and comments about those which are in progress. The beginnings of skills (lol) and skills to...
  3. General Mercedes-Benz
    Hey I'm looking for someone who can do SCN online coding with access to the FBS4 I have MB star, need the one time access to the FBS server and a little help with the coding. thanks.
  4. General Mercedes-Benz
    Ive run across multiple announcements that state, in general: Starting Jan 2021 Version 2020.09 requires online login or they will cease to function. I bought a C4 and computer system loaded with XEntry off aliexpress recently. It allows me to scan the car and while I dont think I will...
  5. W202 C-Class
    Hello everyone. I need tips on how to version code the ECU. I have mercedes SDConnect c5, I have all the necessery softwares but all I need is someones help. So I put a ME2.1 ECU in my ME2.0 ECU C230k because I wanted a way to put modified software for timing and fuel etc. Problem is the Me2.1...
1-5 of 5 Results