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  1. W166 M-Class / GLE-Class
    I recently purchased a 2015 ML350. I am a bmw guy, so I’m not too familiar with Mercedes’, and the way they work. I am attempting to replace my wiper blades, but I haven’t seen a video that shows the same style of wiper blades that are on my car. I have added photos of them… I pressed the...
  2. W140 S-Class
    Thought I'd make a post for my own future reference and for anyone who's replacing their windshield wipers (just the rubber squeegee part). I bought mine on Pelican Parts for about $40 and it takes about half an hour to replace PART #140-824-01-27-01 & #140-824-03-27-01 ..if only silicone...
  3. W211 E-Class
    I've an E320 2004 and when I start the wiping on level 1(intermittent wiping) it wipes once and stop. What could be the problem?
  4. W203 C-Class
    I just bought new wiper blades - the rubber on the old ones (specifically passenger side) tore. I started with "universal" fit, but had a problem that they were too curved and didn't fit flat on the windshield. In other words, the ends touched the wind shield, but the center didn't. So I bought...
1-4 of 4 Results