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  1. Mercedes-Benz News
    Trying to find the best wiper blades for your vehicle can be a challenge, so we asked the BenzWorld community to help us find the best Mercedes windshield wipers and you did not disappoint. When you notice your windshield wipers start to leave nasty streaks behind or chatter and squeak as they...
  2. W203 C-Class
    I just bought new wiper blades - the rubber on the old ones (specifically passenger side) tore. I started with "universal" fit, but had a problem that they were too curved and didn't fit flat on the windshield. In other words, the ends touched the wind shield, but the center didn't. So I bought...
  3. W211 E-Class
    MB E350 2007: Hi all, just wanted to share the fix for an issue that I found. My windshield wipers would suddenly stop working for no apparent reason. Sometimes in the middle of working, and sometimes they would just not work. Finally, we discovered it was that the fuse for the wipers lifts a...
  4. W251 R-Class
    The rear windshield wiper assembly on my 2013 R350 corroded and broke off. Does anyone know if there is a 3D Model I can find of this piece? I was thinking of 3D printing a replacement. I was able to find a replacement for the whole assembly on amazon but it is currently unavailable.
  5. W203 C-Class
    I have been searching everywhere for a solution to my problem. I am not getting any power to fuses 43,44,45,46,47 Which is horn, telfone (which I dont have) Srs control module, windshield wiper motor, glove box lamp and cigarette lighter. Horn doesn't work, Srs is on, windshield wipers dont...
1-5 of 5 Results