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  1. W202 C-Class
    Hi guys this is my first post here. I have a W202 C220 diesel the engine has to be cranked 2 to 3 times in the morning to start. i have replaced the OVP relay , filters and got the fuel injectors serviced. once the engine has adequate temperature the car will start on the first try and if it has...
  2. Tire, Wheel, Brake and Suspension Forum
    The brake pad wear light has come on recently, on and off, flashing sometimes. I have checked the front and the pads seem fine, but not the back yet. However the timing seemed strange as the light only started to come on after I replaced the stock alloys with steel rims from a w124. I used...
  3. W202 C-Class
    Hello, im new here. Yesterday i bought my first car, a MB C180 W202 from 1998. I love this car. It has a part broken that need to be changed because its leaking some oil but i dont know the name in order to search for a new one online. I will be very happy if you can help me. this is the part...
  4. W202 C-Class
    Found this fog light on ebay. Will this fit to a C36 AMG bumper? Image uploaded. Thankyou.
  5. Want to Buy W202 wanted

    For Sale/Wanted/Trade/Giveaway
    I am in search of a w202 chassis C230 kompressor whole or parts car
  6. W202 C-Class
    Hi I've just bought a w202 1999 C Class Estate and I'd like to remove the factory alloys and fit steel rims and hub caps. I am new to Cars so my knowledge is very limited, but I wanted to put the thread out there to see if there are any limitations on what steel rims I can have? I know I...
  7. W202 C-Class
    I know it's has been brought up in the past I'm wondering if anyone found tips tricks and possibilities of what we can do to a 2.3 na with auto... Like swap to manual for starters
  8. W202 C-Class
    Hello! First post, so if there's anything wrong with it, please let me know. My '99 C280 v6 started leaking (what I believe to be transmission) oil after I came back from a bumpy 700km trip. I found online that there's a common problem with an o-ring sealing off some electrical cables, I'm...
  9. W202 C-Class
    Hello I am a Navy sailor stationed out of CA, I bought a 1997 C230 over a year ago and have loved it. However slowly overtime I have been running into some minor issues. The climate control panel is not functional other than the rear defrost and REST mode, around the same time the horn button...
  10. W202 C-Class
    What’s the best or suggested trickle charger for my C280? Thanks
  11. W202 C-Class
    Hello everyone, I am a new w202 c230k owner, and have learned of a few annoying issues. I hope someone could help me with this. The passenger window stopped working, so I swapped the fuses, which helped for about a week. Then a week later, it stopped working again, but now the mirror doesn't...
  12. For Sale/Wanted/Trade/Giveaway
    Ronal R9 Penta Wheels. Set of (4) 7x15 ET35 in the boxes as stored over 10 years ago. Purported to fit W124, W201, W202, W203. These were stripped before I got them. Came from a California Porsche wheel shop. $$Offers$$$ Pick ups are welcome. Buyer pays shipping.
    $1,000,000 USD
  13. W202 C-Class
    There is video about rarest option on w202 like headlight washing system and standard option like wipers(cleaners)
  14. W202 C-Class
    Greetings from Bosnia to all members of the Mercedes Forum, I am a new member and I own a Mercedes for the first time, I am very satisfied with the car so far, except that I have one problem, but I bought one and I could not solve it, so I decided to come here in search of a solution. I have a...
  15. W202 C-Class
    Hi I have recently bought a 1995 Mercedes C200, I am able to accelerate slowly up to speed but the minute i floor the accelerator my revs completely drop, I lose drive completely and hear a pop. Once I remove my foot and accelerate gently again all is fine. It is an auto gearbox. It seems to be...
  16. W202 C-Class
    Hey! My W202 1995 stood out -30 for 10 days, worked great!! I moved it to another parking lot(100m away), turned it off. Came back the day after, and the ignition wouldn't TURN. My key works for the doors, and trunk but NOT for my ignition barrel. Is the battery flat? The Green/Red flashes...
  17. W202 C-Class
    Hello everyone, I'm new on this forum, I have W202 C280 1999 with an M112.920 E28 engine, I've been wondering if it's possible to put turbo in this engine or kompressor, I tried to find a video on youtube but I couldn't find any. so please help me out if it's possible to do such a thing like this
  18. W202 C-Class
    Hello, W202 enthusiasts. As the post title reads I have four complete doors (silver/black) in good/VG condition as well as a trunk/deck lid (silver/black) in good condition. I also have a dashboard for sale. Not sure what any of these parts are worth but if you are interested please make me a...
  19. W202 C-Class
    Hello, I am currently working on removing and replacing the left rear seat belt on my 94 w202. I am however running into a problem: in order to remove the mechanism i first need to remove the C-pillar trim. This is held in place by a black-box looking device with a hook (bad picture attached)...
1-20 of 71 Results