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  1. Member Classifieds
    $75,000 USD
  2. Unimog
    Hi all I am looking at a unimog 1300L. It is for sale as RHD and the staring column and dashboard as well as all pedals have been moved but the gears are still in LHD configuration, I was wondering if anyone has knowledge on how hard it is to change and what I would have to do. Thanks in advance
  3. New Member Introductions (NO car issues please)
    Whelp... bought a 'Mog (1990 U1300L Krankenwagen) and some composite panels. Does this forum offer emotional support? Or strictly technical? -Parker
  4. Unimog
    Hello Unimog BenzWorld! Long time lurker and very recent Unimog 1750L owner. I recently made the plunge and purchased a 1988 U1750L. The truck is in amazing shape but of course there are a few things that could be fixed on any 34-year-old truck. Questions: Driving. I just got tags on the...
  5. Diesel Discussion
    Good afternoon everyone, I'm upgrading my OM366 LA engine to put in my pick up. The project is for 600+ hp with compound turbo, intercooler and new cooling system. I'm looking for a camshaft with a longer duration, but without success. In my studies I found that the OM366 is similar to the...
  6. For Sale 1962 404

    Member Classifieds
    Original 404 16000 km 90% Continental tires Runs and drives
    $13,000 USD
  7. Unimog
    If anyone has any Unimogs or Unimog Parts For Sale or Wanted - post here
  8. Unimog
    Hi, I'm Alex, from Spain, just a few months ago I started to think about buying a van to camper(Sprinter or Vario) but with the time, I started to change my mind, and want to go more off road, like my Discovery 300td, and I ended with an Unimog in my mind, I always wanted an offroad truck, but I...
  9. Member Classifieds
    Hoping someone might have a stock 406 front bumper they no longer need
    $300 USD
  10. Unimog
    Hi all anyone know where i can source a clutb slave cylinder and gear linkage dust cover in slovakia or hungary asap? Traveling through towards albania and have got a clutch leak and the parts on ebay have up to 2 weeks delivery time so would like to find a parts shop
  11. Want to Buy 419 SEE

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    $1 USD
  12. Member Classifieds
    1990 Unimog 1300L – OM 366A Turbo Engine – Fast Axles $ 99,000 CAD Former German Army ambulance purchased in 2018 Mileage: 68,908 km Intercooler kit fitted Engine exhaust brake Heavy duty radiator Two 12V 100 amp vehicle batteries purchased in 2019 Uprated primary 24V alternator to 100 amp A...
    $99,000 CAD
  13. Member Classifieds
    6 brand new and boxed exhaust valves for om366/a/la. Includes 6 brand new and boxed valve stem seals. Bought for top end rebuild but ended up buying a fully dressed cylinder head so no longer required. Removed one from packaging to make sure they where correct ones.
    $80 USD
  14. Unimog
    Hi there. I'm looking to purchase a Unimog (used) but before that, I'm learning as much as I can about these beasts. Now, I cannot find the proper information about the types of cabins available. I would therefore like to know: 1) If there's a specific book or a link where I can find this info...
  15. Unimog
    Hi everyone, do you know how can I find an engine serial number by VIN? The VIN number I am looking at is: WDBXXXXXXXXXXX? If someone can help me to decode it, I would appreciate it. Thank you,
  16. Unimog
    Hi all i have an om366 engine fitted in a 1991 mercedes 814. I had signs of coolant in the oil so i removed the head and its cracked down all of the injector sockets (beyond worthwhile repair). So i am looking for an om366/A/La cylinder head. have tried all my usual sources. Have googled the...
  17. Unimog
    My 404 is 4 - 5 inches too tall to fit through the barn door! I would like to mount smaller tires and wheels, just to get it into the barn for the winter. I thought about mounting low profile 20" rubber (eg: 285/30R20) on stock 404 wheels, but that may not provide enough height reduction...
  18. Unimog
    Hi, I'm in need of a Wiring diagram and the diagram legend for an U406 of 1987 I have one that is for the ones before 1975 but alot has changed. If someone can provide me with one of high quallity that would be great because i'm going nuts trying to reverse engineer everthing with an older diagram.
  19. Unimog
    Good afternoon I'm new here on the forum recently bought a unigmo One unimog 421 1972 50CV I bought this vehicle to make it 100% offroad. I want to be with the body. I love the vehicle design. However, the vehicle is low horsepower and so what I thought was to change the engine but I want to...
  20. Unimog
    Hey everyone, I'm new to the Unimog world and have recently inherited a 1988 unimog 406. The truck has run fine for about a year untill it started turning off after about 4 to 5 minutes of running. When i start it up after a few day it fires right up and will run a few minutes then die. As I...
1-20 of 38 Results