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  1. Unimog
    My 404 is 4 - 5 inches too tall to fit through the barn door! I would like to mount smaller tires and wheels, just to get it into the barn for the winter. I thought about mounting low profile 20" rubber (eg: 285/30R20) on stock 404 wheels, but that may not provide enough height reduction...
  2. Unimog
    Hi, I'm in need of a Wiring diagram and the diagram legend for an U406 of 1987 I have one that is for the ones before 1975 but alot has changed. If someone can provide me with one of high quallity that would be great because i'm going nuts trying to reverse engineer everthing with an older diagram.
  3. Unimog
    Good afternoon I'm new here on the forum recently bought a unigmo One unimog 421 1972 50CV I bought this vehicle to make it 100% offroad. I want to be with the body. I love the vehicle design. However, the vehicle is low horsepower and so what I thought was to change the engine but I want to...
  4. Unimog
    Hey everyone, I'm new to the Unimog world and have recently inherited a 1988 unimog 406. The truck has run fine for about a year untill it started turning off after about 4 to 5 minutes of running. When i start it up after a few day it fires right up and will run a few minutes then die. As I...
  5. Unimog
    Hi everyone. To start things off, I got a 416 Unimog as my first vehicle when I was 14 and I intend to daily it when it's done and I have my license. Fast forward 2 years later from when I got it and I now have it in a good running condition and use it as a farm vehicle to drive around in the...
  6. Unimog
    Hello everyone. I got my first Unimog when I was 14, fast forward 2 years and I'm still working on it now. Progress is pretty slow, but things are getting done between school and other activities. One of the problems I've encountered is that the om352 in it is pretty underpowered and heavy on...
  7. For Sale/Wanted/Trade/Giveaway
    Former German Army ambulance purchased in 2018 Mileage: 65,681 km Intercooler kit fitted Engine exhaust brake Heavy duty radiator Two 12V 100 amp vehicle batteries purchased in 2019 Uprated primary 24V alternator to 100 amp A second 24V 100 amp alternator Stainless steel exhaust Water separator...
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  9. Unimog
    Hi there Looking to repair the linkage on u1400 Will this kit from Agriline fit these link arms or do I need something different First photo is of my link arms Second is agraline repair kit Thanks
  10. Unimog
    Hi there Just wondering if you’d could help me. went to grease up u1400 butcould only find nipples on the3pt linkage and on pto shafts are there anymore that I should grease up thanks
  11. Unimog
    Hi Forum, I recently got a unimog 140l that was missing a fuel tank and ignition switch. I bought an ignition switch from ebay and sourced a tank. The ignition switch block connector was missing also. After ordering the switch with key and sourcing a block connector I joined the wiring using...
  12. Unimog
    Im looking at buying a U1300L in the future, what are the transmission options? I like the 20 speed transmission from the 416, but i have only seen an 8 speed for the 1300L, could I possibly get the transmission from a 426 and swap it to the 1300L?
  13. Unimog
    Unimog 404 doghouse covers. Limiting heat, sound and offering usable space thru velcto&mole setup. Made per order to color requirement. Open face configuration for welded or screw on handles doghouse and close face for screw on handles only. $570.00 usd, USA shipping included, add $15.00 for...
  14. Unimog
    I'm new to the mog world so is it just me or is it super dark in the cab of a 404 at night and is hard to find controls. Anyone upgrade the inside lighting?
  15. Unimog
    Air system NOT pressurising to 18 bars... HELP! Hello everyone, I’m new to this group and the proud owner of a 1985 Ex-ADF Unimog U1700. I have a bit of a problem with the air system. It will be greatly appreciated if you could share your knowledge and experience, so this is what happened: I...
  16. Vintage Mercedes-Benz to end of 1976
    Hey all, recently bought a 220b and 250S as a bundle. The cars are in very rough shape, 220b has an incomplete engine bay and rusty underbody and the 250S has front and driver's side collision damage and severe rust all over (but a complete engine bay). However, both cars have good interiors...
  17. Unimog
    Maybe with little snow it can not get stuck (like the video low-moderate level of snow) but have ridden with much more snow?
  18. Unimog
    So I imported a Pemex Unimog from Mexico about a year ago, and that's another story for another time. I finally have some time to work on it now that my school is canceled due to the virus outbreak, which hopefully that means a few of you guys are on here as well. I'm the kind of guy that likes...
  19. Unimog
    I would like to introduce myself to the Unimog Community here. I own a 1992 1350L that I bought in 2018 from a German Fire Company. The Mog is currently undergoing conversion to an expedition truck in Germany in three stages: 1. Chassis mods at Hellgeth (done) 2. Camper-box at Boxmanufaktur...
  20. Unimog
    Hello All. I've always admired the Unimog for its hardcore 4x4 ability, but always from a distance (they are expensive - specially here in Australia). However, finances are currently getting a huge upgrade and soon I'll be looking to purchase a new or used Unimog (for touring & recreational...
1-20 of 23 Results