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  1. Unimog
    Hi all, I've had an issue recently where brake fluid is being discharged with air after releasing the brake pedal. It's coming out the air discharge port (mounted behind cab for fording). I'm assuming the seals in the master cylinder are worn, allowing the brake fluid through, and have a master...
  2. New Member Introductions (NO car issues please)
    Whelp... bought a 'Mog (1990 U1300L Krankenwagen) and some composite panels. Does this forum offer emotional support? Or strictly technical? -Parker
  3. Unimog
    whats the gear options for a u1300L? and top speeds? the setup I want: u1300L flatbed with werner winch, 3pt, and pto its going to be used on the road (Possibly some roadtrips) but also allot offroad, somewhat technical terrain but nothing I should need working gears for, although it will be...
  4. Unimog
    Im looking at buying a U1300L in the future, what are the transmission options? I like the 20 speed transmission from the 416, but i have only seen an 8 speed for the 1300L, could I possibly get the transmission from a 426 and swap it to the 1300L?
  5. General Mercedes-Benz
    I'm wondering what it may cost to import a U1550 From somewhere like Germany into the U.S, I Know no one will have exact numbers but a rough estimate would be appreciated, OR If you have one for sale in the U.S that you can hold for a few years lmk (Hold so i can get the money lol)
1-5 of 5 Results