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  1. W221 S-Class
    Yesterday I replaced the Engine belt and the brake pads. Today I noticed that the speedometer is vibrating after 80 km/h. Any idea what is the problem? W221 2013 odometer 80k km.
  2. C118 CLA-Class
    My car is 2020 Mercedes Benz CLA 250. The speedometer is the small one with borders. I’m thinking to upgrade it to the larger speedometer. have anyone tried it ? Do you think it possible? here’s attached the large speedometer that I found on eBay
  3. W177 A-Class
    i woke up one day went to go to work in my car and the mileage said 9999999. is there anyone who can correct my odometer mileage for me? i did try and they told me there is no solution for it right now maybe in a few months? i can't really wait a few months i...
  4. W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    Hey guys first time poster, long time lurker. The long and the short of it is I'm installing a 717.451 into a 93 300TE with the HFM M104. When I first bought the transmission I pretty much didn't know anything about converting a car from an auto to a manual gearbox and the learning curve has...
  5. R/C107 SL/SLC Class
    Hello, After some months parked, my '89 SL420 began to display innacurate distance travelled. After verifying with a GPS, for each Km travelled, it displayed roughly 850m, so about 15% difference. My first thought was to check the gears E1,E2 and E3. The E3 was indeed slighlty damaged on of of...
  6. W126 S,SE,SEC,SEL,SD,SDL Class
    I have recently replaced the 3 gears and 2 capacitors on my '87 420SEL speedometer. The odometer is working correctly now, but I'm having issues with the speedometer. The needle seems to be "sticky". I see that the problem is that there is some free play in the spindle on which the needle...
  7. C208/A208 CLK-Class
    had the car for a few months now. getting this constant ticking noise while car is on. 5 second increments on dash and randomly from b pillar, right above the seat belt. I'm assuming it's a seat belt sensor, the srs light intermittently comes on as well. just wanted to verify before I rip apart...
  8. Member Classifieds
    Genuine W124 Speedometer with Board computer for Sale. Its complete, and it has been tested prior disassembling, 100% guranteed Price: 1500 euros Paypal Accepted Forf more pictures please shoot me a text
  9. R/C107 SL/SLC Class
    I have an 83 380sl that ive been trying to figure out why I can’t get the odometer to read. This car was purchased brand new by my sisters late father in law. When he passed away approx 30+ years ago, my brother in law gained ownership. Unfortunately, my brother in law passed away a few years...
  10. W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    Recently got another Diesel Benz, its a 1987 300D and it looks like the trip was reset (shows all 0's) and so neither counts and the speedo was maxed out and tapping and bouncing then finally just got fully maxed out and just clicks. is this the trip reset being stuck? gears broken? cable...
  11. W202 C-Class
    Hi, I have a 1994 W202 C200 WDB202.20.20...... My speedo meter needle does not work all the time it begins to work whenever it feels like and most of the time just remains at zero no matter how fast I drive. Note My ABS is working and I do not have any warning lights. My ODO meter is working...
1-11 of 12 Results