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  1. W202 C-Class
    Hi, Lately I have experienced some ECU issues with electronics stopping to work, in example: windows, mirrors, door locks and much more. Earlier i have fixed this with just a simple reconnecting the negative on the battery. However today the turning signals stopped worked together with a lot of...
  2. W210 E-Class
    1999 E430 - A/C Climate Control Module - Limited Access to Diagnostics and normal functionality ..... My Pop has this vehicle. He has already had to (in the past) top off the a/c charge of 134a, successfully. But recently decided to fix the leaks (replaced both high side / low side tap valves)...
  3. W202 C-Class
    Hello all, I drive a 1995 Mercedes Benz C220 W202. Problems I have in the car is when I turn the ignition on, my cluster gauges go up and down, cluster lights blinking, and doors lock and unlock randomly. Other electronics work fine like the AC (AC settings don't reset), headlights, and radio...
1-3 of 3 Results