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  1. W220 S-Class
    Originally it would only happen with the left headlight and only over bumps but it progressed to both lights and it would happen frequently and they'd even turn off for seconds at a time. I've attached some images of the bulb and inside of the assembly. It looks like at one point some smoke came...
  2. W220 S-Class
    I recently noticed an oil like fluid leak from my left front wheel well. I brought it into a mechanic who diagnosed it as a valve cover gasket leak. I had the bottom valve cover gasket replaced, and just now noticed not only had the leak not stopped, but gotten much worse. It's began leaking on...
  3. New Member Introductions (NO car issues please)
    so my amg has the triangle and traction lights on. so when i ran the code i got 4bdf00 cant communicate b24/15 yaw rate sensor, so i swapped the sensor and still nothing when i took it to a shop they said to swap the esp unit but it felt as if he was guessing, i dont want to spend so much and...
  4. W220 S-Class
    After flushing my coolant, my temp gauge bumps up and increments when the engine is heating up which I've heard means there's air in the system. Also I get no hot air out of the vents. I did research and it sounds like flushing the coolant must have clogged the heater core to some extent. Where...
  5. U.S. - West
    Hi, I'm new to this forum and new to MB ownership. I'm looking for a great shop in the Denver metro area that likes working on the older cars. I've got a W111 4 door. Thank you!
  6. Tire, Wheel, Brake and Suspension Forum
    Hi all, Ive got a c300 4matic sedan, and have noticed intermittent buzzing coming from the front of the car. It happens anytime at highway speeds or sometimes when turning left or right at city speeds. It doesn’t last more than 10 seconds, especially if I take my foot off the gas and let it wind...
  7. W211 E-Class
    The threads are completely stripped out and one hole looks like someone had tried to retap the hole with bigger threads. So what are my options here in regards to repair??
  8. W140 S-Class
    Hey, I recently purchased a project 1995 mercedes 600 sel. I did not realise it was missing the smaller but seemingly critical the base ecu 0095459032 (with fuses ontop). Can I install one from another vehicle? (would it require programming?) If i require a replacement what is involved in...
  9. W210 E-Class
    Hello all, For the past couple of weeks I have been working to fix a 2002 E320 4matic. The car has a huge issue that occurs within minutes of driving; that being, the ABS, ESP, BAS lights all come on, the steering wheel shifts to an off angle despite continuing to drive (mostly) straight...
  10. W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    Having troubles with the cruise system on my 88 260e. It seems the cruise engages however it drops speed slowly. I can tell this is the case because when I turn the cruise off it completely drops the throttle. The accel and decel function do not work either. I am wondering if this is fixable...
  11. W203 C-Class
  12. W213 E-Class
    So a month ago my car wouldn't start, I took the car to the mechanic and he said that the computer was dead and they had to put a new computer and reprogram it. (took them 2 months) Finally, they started the car and also changed the battery. Now the car starts just fine but I have many major...
  13. W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    Hello Guys, first time posting here. I just bought a W124 E220 four days ago with some issues like lose parts in the interior and on the outside. While searching for parts to replace i saw that the bar above the tank cap was lose on the backside. I unscrewed the visible screw to check out the...
  14. W204 C-Class
    2011 C300 Sport: any thoughts on removal for fan blower (behind glove box)? mine just wont come out and its twists a couple inches but just wont come down. Thanks!
  15. 3-SECURE.jpg

    Ultra secure way to zip tie lock actuator to stop pressure leaks without removing lock mechanism from door. Horizontal strap ensures the rear strap won't slip off the shoulder at the yellow arrow.
  16. 1-no!.jpg

    This works to stop pressure leaks, but danger of strap sliding off or cutting into diaphragm
  17. 2-WRAP.jpg

    Good way to zip tie a pressure leak in a lock actuator without removing lock assembly. Puts pressure on front and rear of actuator seal.
  18. General Mercedes-Benz
    You know the scene… You’re driving along, taking in the sights, when suddenly – WHAP. A pebble, or stone, or other piece of road debris flies into your windshield, putting a chip or crack in the glass. Go to and schedule an appointment. It could start spreading immediately, or maybe...
  19. Member Classifieds
    6 brand new and boxed exhaust valves for om366/a/la. Includes 6 brand new and boxed valve stem seals. Bought for top end rebuild but ended up buying a fully dressed cylinder head so no longer required. Removed one from packaging to make sure they where correct ones.
    $80 USD
  20. W210 E-Class
    So my 1999 E320 will start but once you press the gas it dies. It was sitting a while but we were able to start it and move it once before this problem started. The codes are P0300- P0306 . My father is telling me it’s probably something small and he could probably figure it out (he’s had it for...
1-20 of 49 Results