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  1. "Mushroom"

    NZ, Daily Driver. Great round town and traffic machine. Even better when the traffic is minimal.
  2. R171 SLK-Class
    Hi all, We are a few SLK-enthusiasts who have started a FB-group. All are welcome, the language in the group is Swedish. There are already many members sharing interesting tips and tricks and beautiful pictures, so welcome to us as a complement to this international forum...
  3. U.S. - West
    Hello, my 2006 SLK 280 recently began leaking hydraulic fluid from the headliner. I took the car to the dealership and they told me the front locking mechanism needs replacement but they also recommended replacing the other hydraulic pumps? Now I am not mechanic but everything I know tends to...
  4. R171 SLK-Class
    I'm new to European cars and I'm lost. I bought a car where the vario roof does not work. The trunk latches but is not fully closed and there is a gap opening. The two small back windows are in the down position as well. The top itself is closed. The person I bought it from said they opened...
1-7 of 7 Results