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  1. Diagnostic Tools
    Hello all, I was looking for having some options coded on my w212 E550. Things like Agility mode on the transmission, liters left in the tank, AMG menu, maybe even virginizing a new instrument cluster. However, I was not sure what I wanted and what was even possible to be coded/modified...
  2. W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    Hey everyone! Long time reader on here and finally made a profile - I have a suspension question that I haven't read in 5 pages of a search so I thought I would make a thread. I'm new to the Mercedes world but have a 1987 W124t 300TD - it came with the current setup and I'd like to make it...
  3. W213 E-Class
    Been a while since I posted because my E350 4Matic (2014 MY) has been great to me. It has 96K miles and while I had planned on hanging onto it for another good few years, one more kid (now 3 kids) and a dog later, here I am. Always loved the idea of owning one, and I found one with only about...
  4. Unimog
    Im looking at buying a U1300L in the future, what are the transmission options? I like the 20 speed transmission from the 416, but i have only seen an 8 speed for the 1300L, could I possibly get the transmission from a 426 and swap it to the 1300L?
1-4 of 5 Results