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  1. W177 A-Class
    i woke up one day went to go to work in my car and the mileage said 9999999. is there anyone who can correct my odometer mileage for me? i did try and they told me there is no solution for it right now maybe in a few months? i can't really wait a few months i...
  2. W202 C-Class
    My odometer keeps resetting. When I hit 270,006 miles it resets back to 269,940. The trip odometer works fine. Everything else is fine. I just don't have any idea why it would continually reset. I suppose I'm just going to pull this thing and see what's going on back there. Any ideas?
  3. Unimog
    Hello. Can anyone help me get my odometer working again please. The speedometer is still working fine. It became stuck turning over 155,999. I replaced the speedometer cable and this is the first 1000 unit its trying to turn over. I can hear a click every 100m, I assume this is a gear jumping a...
  4. W116 S, SE, SEL, SD Class
    So I recently bought a 1978 280SE and maybe have driven it less than 100KM since purchasing it. I noticed was that the instrument cluster light doesn't work And the instrument cluster was loose enough already that I was able to pull it out without fighting it. The rubber seal was torn and I...
  5. R/C107 SL/SLC Class
    I have an 83 380sl that ive been trying to figure out why I can’t get the odometer to read. This car was purchased brand new by my sisters late father in law. When he passed away approx 30+ years ago, my brother in law gained ownership. Unfortunately, my brother in law passed away a few years...
  6. W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    Recently got another Diesel Benz, its a 1987 300D and it looks like the trip was reset (shows all 0's) and so neither counts and the speedo was maxed out and tapping and bouncing then finally just got fully maxed out and just clicks. is this the trip reset being stuck? gears broken? cable...
  7. Dusk by Long Island Sound

    The Boulevard, Sea Cliff, NY, 2008-02-03
1-7 of 7 Results