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  1. X164 GL-Class
    So it looks like the dealer installed a Genuine but REMANUFACTURED radio Parts SKU: 164-900-73-01-80 aka 164 900 73 01 80 aka 164.900.73.02.80 It started going crazy a year after install and they pretty much said if you want us to check it pay a re-diagnostic fee of 300$ to which I said I have...
  2. Audio & Telematics Forum
    This post was written to share my personal experience with call quality issues with an NTG 2.5 COMAND running the most recent firmware release, an Apple iPhone 11 Pro with the most recent iOS release (at the time of this writing was 13.5.5 beta) and the two devices refusing to be on speaking...
1-2 of 2 Results