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  1. W210 E-Class
    Ok so my 96 E320 ended up in an accident, I had some guy cut me off and slam on his breaks, (guess he thought he could collect insurance money or something) anyways it messed up the front clip pretty bad, and I have to replace the radiator and the barring behind the clutch fan in order to drive...
  2. G-Class
    Wild Two-Tone G63 by Mansory. Do you like it?
  3. Tire, Wheel, Brake and Suspension Forum
    Well I guess the title says it all! So, I have with me, a 2014 Merc Vito, (I'm in Australia) and I am wanting to convert it to 4WD, hence requiring a rear diff lock, and potential lift kit to fit all-terrain tires. The best info so far is that there may not be the exact compatible diff for this...
  4. W163 M-Class
    Hi fam. So i just scored myself a Ml430 engine ( i live in tasmania so its hard to find mercedes stuff local) so i want to build this engine up just a nice cam wake the motor up a bit. ( witch company do heads for them?)i heard i can swap the heads and its basicly the c43 as they use same...
  5. General AMG
    Hi Guys, I recently bought a 2020 A35 sedan (since they don't offer the A45 in the US yet), and I wanted to install an ECU flash. I have zero experience with any kind of tuning, and I want some feedback on pros, cons, what to watch out for, etc.... Its like 1200 bucks, which isnt a bad deal...
  6. W201 190-Class
    Hi all, I'm new to this forum so I don't know if a similar project has been posted before. Couldn't find any using the search. Since I do no longer have a cassette radio I wanted to convert my Fischer C-Box cassette holder into a middle console organizer. Here's the disassembled cassette...
1-6 of 7 Results