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  1. W205 C-Class
    I recently purchased a 2016 c300 4 matic amg package. Yesterday when getting inside the car, all interior lights turned on, as usual, and when I closed the door, only the passenger side reading lamp shut off. The driver side reading lamp, and two rear lights stood on. I was able to turn off the...
  2. W220 S-Class
    posting on a whim here hoping someone can possibly point me in the right direction, I have an 03 S55 has the keyless go on the shifter and the regular turn key (EIS) in dash. When I bought the car, the key you put in the dash never worked it was deprogrammed so I drove it for months on end with...
  3. C218 CLS-Class
    Hello. It’s my first post and I couldn’t find anything related to this, only the cluster. I have an 13’ W218 CLS and all the buttons have an orange backlight at night. Recently changed all interiors to LED so I was wondering if a could change the buttons backlight to white? thank you for the...
1-3 of 3 Results