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  1. W220 S-Class
    I’m a new guy here,hello to everyone. 3 years ago I managed to get my hands on a rather…bad looking w220 s600. Although,I was searching for something like this one,pre facelift,1999 model year,m137 engine,full options. And what baffled me,is the VIN code. It mentions “test vehicle” and...
  2. W220 S-Class
    So a couple of weeks ago I ran out of gas in my 2002 s500. My roommate brought me a 3 gallon gas can of gas. Well he grabbed the wrong one and I put 3 gallons of diesel in my empty gas tank. Since it had already ran through my system, I let my car run til it ran out but now runs like crap...
  3. W210 E-Class
    So my 1999 E320 will start but once you press the gas it dies. It was sitting a while but we were able to start it and move it once before this problem started. The codes are P0300- P0306 . My father is telling me it’s probably something small and he could probably figure it out (he’s had it for...
  4. W204 C-Class
    I have a 2013 Mercedes c250 turbo CVO timing chain broke is it an interfering motor or not interfering motor thank you much
  5. W211 E-Class
    I was driving my 08 e550 4-matic sport just fine the night before I parked it at my house. Then the next morning my fuel pump wouldn’t prime and when I went to start it it sputtered like there was still some fuel pressure in the lines then died out. Swapped the relay and fuse with some extra...
  6. W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    My car has been making this rattling sound and I cannot seem to figure out what it is the car is a 1995 MB E320 estate and otherwise runs fine my car only makes this noise when accelerating from a stop or going uphill at very low speeds Video is of my car
  7. W210 E-Class
    1998 e320 146,000 miles P0100 mass air flow circuit P0400 egr flow P0460 fuel level circuit A P0105 map/baro circuit P0173 fuel trim bank 2 P0170 fuel trim bank 1 I’ve replaced the map sensor cause that’s was the original code then I had all of these and then I replaced all vacuum lines and...
  8. W210 E-Class
    I've been looking everywhere for a Bilstein B8 performance shock absorber kit for my 99 w210. I ordered one from Eeuroparts, but got an email today saying they are out of stock. I can only find a set of B8 rear shocks, but no front ones. The front are really what I need the most..
  9. W220 S-Class
    I replace the fan twice. The first time the fan kept running on high then a month later it just stopped working I got a new one and it is still not working. Are there any fuses or relays connected to this? I can check? I cant seem to find a diagram.
  10. C219 CLS-Class
    Woke up and came out to the car not wanting to start. Marked Coolant on the dash so i opened up the coolant res and it was fairly low, topped it up. No crank or start.
  11. Detailing and Car Care
    I have a Mercedes and after having air fresheners in the vents in the back I got this discoloration and I do not know how to fix this . PLEASE HELP !
  12. W205 C-Class
    it has had the steering wheel stolen. has changed steering wheel and steering wheel module. and pane in the door after I open the roof to vacuum the car. I close the roof. the second time I open the roof 30 minutes later it can not close. the rear windows cannot roll down and the roof reacts for...
  13. W168 A-Class
    How do I fix a low idle? MAF is fine. No air leak but idling at 500 sounds funny
  14. W210 E-Class
    Hey y’all I need some assistance, my year 2000 Mercedes Benz E430 4MATIC has been making a loud screeching and squealing type of sound coming from the front of the car every time I start it and it will continue to make the sound while the car is idle. I’ve been told the sound could possibly be a...
  15. V-Class 1996-
    Hey guys, I’ve recently removed my w447 vito bulkhead. I’m noticing gaps in the interior trim especially around the edges where the seat belt mechanism is on the B pillar. I was wondering the best way to cover or what trim parts I would need to swap out. Thanks
  16. W140 S-Class
    1992 600SEL interior lights(lighting on the switches and the odometer) don't work. Headlights work fine, I've checked the light switch and the fuses as well as the fuse in the odometer. Nothing looks out of order. Any ideas?
  17. Audio & Telematics Forum
    Hi About 2 days ago my 2009 ML 350 wouldnt start. When I started it it gave me a click sound. So I thought it was the starter. Called the towing company when they came they said looks like you need a jump and that is what he did and it started right away. Drove it to the mechanic and he said to...
  18. W220 S-Class
    Hi Folks. Please can someone help me ASAP? Long Story short... I need to change my 200amp pre fuse located under near my brake pedal. (RHD) I'm in the UK so unfortunately it's under my pedal and not passenger footwell like in the US. Anyway. My driver seat is to far toward to give me access to...
  19. W123 E,CE,D,CD,TD,TE Class
    Hi! I am in New Jersey and the weather is starting to get colder. I have been driving my 300D turbo diesel since July with no problems at all with starting. I just spent the last 2 hours researching and watching YouTube to try and figure out what needs to get done to get her started. I...
1-19 of 28 Results