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  1. X204 GLK-Class
    Hello all, I have a problem with my 2010 glk 350, it starts but when i place it in drive it won’t move, tried reverse, tried restarting. Checked drive shaft and it doesn’t rotate.
  2. X204 GLK-Class
    2011 GLK350 4MATIC Upgrading to a one piece trim with round air vents but can’t take off the wood trim nor the vent in the passenger side. Please help. One piece I’m trying to replace it with…
  3. G-Class
    I had to remove a dashboard in a 2015 GLK350 due to the airbag deploying and it needing to be reupholstered for a customer who is purchasing said vehicle. I should have paid better attention during removing the dash as I have two or three plugs that I cannot identify they are pictured with this...
  4. X204 GLK-Class
    Hi Team, Does anyone know if I can buy a used transmission and just swap it out into my 2012 GLK 350? for example, 2010-2015 GLK 350 used transmission Thank you
  5. X204 GLK-Class
    Good Evening Everyone, I have about 134K miles on my 2012 GLK, and the transmission is starting to sputter around 30-50 mph, the transmission meter on the dash wobbles, Has anyone got the same issues? if so, what have you've done to alleviate the problem ? I have searched using the search...
  6. X204 GLK-Class
    Hi please how can i diy GLK 2013 electric cooling fan, The fan isn’t running high…it’s only run on high when I use something to hit the fan.
  7. X204 GLK-Class
    I am trying to get this bulb clip off, I am not sure how to do it 1. without breaking it 2. getting it back on properly Anyone out there in the MB world knows, please help, SGM Google is failing us now
  8. X204 GLK-Class
    Hello- I recently had to replace my alternator in my 2011 GLK350. The odd thing at the time was it was saying the 'Aux battery' was low, which this vehicle does not have. I tore half of it apart looking as well as scoured the internet looking for this, only to come to the conclusion the...
  9. Tire, Wheel, Brake and Suspension Forum
    Hi there. i need new tires to replace the original Dunlop Grandtrek. 235/45R20 at about 65,000KM any recommendations? i like them because the Winter mountain symbol, but am looking to upgrade. what are people using as replacements? Thank you, Richard
  10. X204 GLK-Class
    About 3 weeks ago after a soaking rain storm, my 2010 GLK350's radiator fan started running at high speed all night long with the car turned off.. I had no idea it was happening. I came out the next morning to start my car and the battery was dead. We jumped it but once we turned the car off...
  11. X204 GLK-Class
    Got my GLK at about 66, real issues other than having to replace the purge valve a couple years ago. Recently had the check engine light come on & off periodically. Had it diagnosed and got these codes 1200 & 1208. Has anyone else run into this issue? I believe it has to do with the...
  12. X204 GLK-Class
    Just trying to get some info on how to unlock steering wheel. I haven’t found anything too helpful on YouTube. I changed the battery and I have power on the stereo, lights, and everything but it won’t even turn over. Also noticed that the wheel is locked and was wondering if that could cause the...
  13. General Mercedes-Benz
    Can someone please advise me on this? - replaced the starter cause the old one would turn a little and then stop. Prior to that it would start only when engine is cold. Checked the battery (OK) and decided it was the starter. Replaced it and now the car makes no sound at all when I press the...
1-13 of 13 Results