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  1. X164 GL-Class
    I understand fuel gauges on x/w164’s are notoriously unreliable so I’m hoping someone has seen this before? Fuel gauge remains at zero, low warning light goes out when engine starts. Rear SAM shows no faults and is seeing tank units at sensible values and they change with car movement. Can B has...
  2. Diesel Discussion
    14 GL 350 Bluetec Code P203D Definition is: "Reductant Level Sensor A Circuit High" Something to do with a DEF sensor. Anyone have a similar issue? It appears this will be covered by MB Diesel-Gate extended Warranty but haven't brought it to dealer yet. Thoughts?
  3. Diesel Discussion
    Does anyone know how to remove one of the Mass Airflow Sensors (100 in the pic below) from the central intake duct (50 in the pic below)? I thought it was a single part but the pic shows them separate so it must be possible to take them apart. There’s a rubber tube connecting the parts together...
  4. Diesel Discussion
    Hi everyone! I am reaching out from Mitena Partners, we help businesses and individuals recover money from class action settlements. I noticed there is a lot of discussion about the BlueTEC settlement here so I wanted to offer some insight on the case. While helping individuals and resellers...
  5. X166 GL / GLS-Class (2013-2020)
    Hey everybody, I did some research regarding aftermarket (Curt & Uhaul) towing hitch for a 2015 GL350 Bluetec-Diesel X-166 (registered late 2014). It seems that both Curt (#17173) and Uhaul have towing hitches for X166 2014 GL350 but NOT for 2015. 1. Any idea why? 2. Is that indeed correct...
1-5 of 5 Results