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  1. W210 E-Class
    Hello guys, Can someone please explain to me the routing for the fuel lines in a w210 estate, where they connect mainly the entire fuel system layout for the M112 V6 E320 VIN: WDB21026528108304 Thank you!
  2. W126 S,SE,SEC,SEL,SD,SDL Class
    Hi All, I have an '85 500 SEL (Gen 1) which I've been working on for a while. Recently, after a fair bit of work to solve vacuum leak/high idle I was on the way to the MOT but quickly put the car back on the drive as I forgot something and haven't been able to start it since. The car struggled...
  3. W126 S,SE,SEC,SEL,SD,SDL Class
    Hey guys I have been an active reader on these forums for the longest time and have managed to fix a lot of the problems I’ve faced in the past thanks to these forums but no matter how much reading I do I’m stuck on this one! My 1982 380sel stopped on me 4 days after I replaced the fuel...
  4. W168 A-Class
    Hi guys, You guys are awesome. Wondering if someone could put me to the right direction how to change the fuel pump in my mercedes A140 2003 reg UK model. Thanks a million
  5. W210 E-Class
    Hi, My W210 E230 1997 fuel pump is always running, with or without the key. I only can stop the fuel pump if I pull out the fuel pump relay. I changed the K40 and fuel pump relay but still have the same issue. Please help me to fix it. Thank you in advance.
  6. W126 S,SE,SEC,SEL,SD,SDL Class
    I looked under my car and was highly impressed by the level of poor MacGyvering I saw on the fuel pump assembly. The red wire comes off the pump and leads directly to the battery. does anyone have a pic handy of how this is supposed to look?
  7. W210 E-Class
    Hello everyone, I bought a 2000 E320 like 2 weeks ago. I am facing a weird problem. The next day I bought the car I took it for a car wash the guy who work there put the key in the ignition and turned it into the starting position without waiting on the key pos 2 for couple of seconds, the car...
  8. X164 GL-Class
    Does anyone know where the fuel pressure port to connect a fuel pressure kit to is? Thanks, John.
  9. W203 C-Class
    The fuel pump went bad on my C280 4matic so I head down to the local auto parts store. The version they sell looks different from mine. The pump outlet on the original is straight but on the aftermarket it is at a 90 degree angle. also, the diameter of the pump outlet is larger on the...
  10. Unimog
    Hi All Apologies for posting this on the Unimogs forum, but that seems to be the best place - and I get all my spares from a Moggy specialist. I have an OM366 normally aspirated. It's in a boat. 20 yrs+. 7,800 hrs. No noticeable change in fuel (or lub oil) consumption since I've owned it. Fuel...
  11. G-Class
    Sorry if this has already been answered. I am trying to find the location of the fuel pump on my wife’s GL550. I have seen many videos and posts about the 450 but not the 550. I’ve taken out the second row of seats and didn’t see the fuel pump location. My other guess is that it’s under the...
  12. R/C107 SL/SLC Class
    Hello Could someone tell confirm if my fuel pump is on the way out as the supply pressure when cold is only 4bar (it does rise to 5.6 when hot) and the manual says between 5.0 and 5.6 cold or hot. Or could this be some sort of issue with the WUR. Not sure if the the pump is the correct one on...
  13. W202 C-Class
    Hello Everyone yesterday I found out my fuel pump was leaking, Found out I need new Banjo Washers for the fuel pump but I don't know the exact washer measurement that I need, I would like to know what are the measurements for the washer. any help is appreciated, thanks
  14. W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    Hi to everyone, I'm having an issue with my old lady. Last november I put the car to sleep in the garage for the winter, at least one time a week I got the engine running normally without any problems. A few weeks ago the engine was running as always and while I was doing some garage-keeping the...
  15. W211 E-Class
    I'm working on a 2006 E350. The shop I work at has replaced 3 fuel pumps with MB OEM pumps. I inherited the job to see what's happening. I was not at the shop for the prior 2 pumps but this one looks like just a bad part. Faiedl with in days of each other. Pump won't run unless tap on top of...
  16. W123 E,CE,D,CD,TD,TE Class
    Hi Guys. Recently bought a W123 estate wagon without a fuel pump and I am trying to figure out the assembly for it as all the hoses are cut and I do not know where to start. I have no idea where to start. See picture below of what I am working with. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  17. W204 C-Class
    I have a 2008 Mercedes benz c350 and I Drove to work back home like usual and I drove on the freeway for possibly 20 min drive once I took the exit I stopped at a red light then it turned green I turned a left and as soon as I turned it my car stalled and kind of jerked. Brake pedal and gas...
  18. R129 SL-Class
    Hi Guys, I cannot pour more than 35L fuel into my 1993 r129 SL500. After I left the car for 6-7weeks standing I saw that my instrument cluster shows I am low on fuel but after started the engine in 3-4seconds the needle went all the way up to between 1/2 and 3/4 level. So I noticed there will...
  19. R129 SL-Class
    Relieved that initial impressions indicate fuel system and ancillary components are fine*. Ditto on transmission. (I'll share an observation below) *For the few minutes I had the car running at purchase, there was major sputtering, and the car lacked power. It was also hard to start and...
  20. W220 S-Class
    Hi all, I could really use some help ASAP on how to handle this fuel leak: Story: I took my S55 out after a week or so of leaving it parked. I looked under it before I took it for a drive just to check for leaks (usually I don't) After a short sprint on the highway, I noticed the smell of gas...
1-20 of 24 Results