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  1. W205 C-Class
    I have a 2017 C300 and I am looking for an aftermarket exhaust. I am reluctant to get a system like iPE or Armytrixx with valves because of the cost. Is there anything anyone else has done for a performance exhaust system without valves?
  2. Diagnostic Tools
    Is there a way I can connect to my car with an app via an OBD adapter so that I can modify my cars coding? For example, I want to keep my exhaust valve open whilst in Comfort mode. Thanks.
  3. R230 SL-Class
    Hello. Recently purchased a low mile sl600 for a great price because it needs motor mounts. Thankfully ABC system was repaired in 2018 and a lot of other things. While motor mount is being repaired I want to install catless pipes. I know this car is very different (like having to lift motor just...
  4. W221 S-Class
    Hello! As I am a new owner of a S500 (pre-facelift) 4matic with a M273, I have no clue about anything about them, so I have some questions for anyone who might maybe know :). The car is on its way so I decided to do some research. First question is how the hell do I get an aux into this car...
  5. G-Class
    A few years ago I acquired a 2004 g500 truck to use as a vehicle for exploring remote destinations. So far I'm pretty happy with the truck. Of course, it needed descent investment to get things done here and there, replace various fluids and greases, fix a few things in the interior but so far...
  6. G-Class
    Has anyone replaced the exhaust flanges on their AMG G55? Mines just rusted out and broke but the flanges are built-in so there is no way to just replace them, the hole exhaust needs to be replaced. I thought about using a Split Flange but can't find any on a 2 3/4 diameter. I don't really want...
  7. W205 C-Class
    Hi, I am selling my Akrapovic full titanium exhaust! The reason is that I bought it they installed it and for me it is too loud and now I am selling it!
  8. R129 SL-Class
    I’m looking to change the exhaust on SL 500. I’ve been looking for months on a Original exhaust from AMG, but I can hardly find one at all. Anyone here have one and are willing to let it go?
  9. W167/V167/C167 GLE Class
    Hello all, New to the site and the brand. Bought my first MB about 6 months ago and I get it. I've come from Audi where customizing the aesthetics and minor operational upgrades are easily DIY. I'm finding this is not the case with MB. I added some directional airflow fins to the front and...
  10. R/C107 SL/SLC Class
    My SL has been leaking some stinky fumes... and with a vacuum set from suck to blow, a rubber glove, and some soapy water I found the leak right here at this clamp a little before the o2 sensor. Is that stock? Or is it likely there from a PO trying to patch a leak there?
  11. W211 E-Class
    Hey friends, So, I'm bringing my '08 E350 4Matic in for a Service D on Friday. It's at about 130k+ in mileage currently. There's what sounds like an exhaust rattle only while driving and roughly between the speeds of 35-45mph and 50-60mph which I'm also going to have them diagnose. Can't tell...
  12. C207/A207 E-Class Coupe & Cabriolet
    Hey people, anyone tried an exhaust for their diesel c207? Also, has anyone tried those active exhaust sound systems? Too fake or acceptable? much appreciated
  13. C238/A238 E-Class Coupe & Cabriolet
    Hi Everyone, I have a 2021 E53 Coupe, the already good standard pops and burbles in sport+ we’re great but I wanted more. I just installed a project gamma downpipe (great quality downpipe). The moment I took the car off the lift it sounded awesome! Pops and burbles were working and sounding...
  14. W203 C-Class
    Could anyone give me advice which exhaust tip/muffler should i install to convert downwards facing muffler to straight one? For w203
  15. W140 S-Class
    Im wanting to put a new exhaust on my S500. I'm wanting something a little less restrictive to give it more horse power and make it sound even better than it does already. I'm having trouble finding aftermarket or performance parts for this. If I can't find a whole exhaust I can build my own...
  16. R/C107 SL/SLC Class
    I am sick of the 1976 450SL exhaust manifolds and the heat they produce even though the cats have been deleted. My question is: could I grab a set from a 380SL and install it on my 450SL? Would they fit the 4.5L monoblock exhaust ports and mounting bolts?… Has anyone done that?
  17. W202 C-Class
    hey dudes, I found this link for a header for my '95 c220: Given my original header is pretty rusty and this is pretty cheap, it seems like a no-brainer. I've seen aftermarket headers in fwd cars, and they look pretty nice, so I'm willing to give it a try...
  18. W126 S,SE,SEC,SEL,SD,SDL Class
    I replaced my failing catalytic converter with a $150 magnaflow converter from Amazon. The car is a lot louder than it was with the original converter. The loudness seems to be coming from the converter area. I've seen mid-exhaust silencers for the V8 W126s but not for the six-cylinder. Is...
  19. R/C107 SL/SLC Class
    Hey all I have a 1980 450 SL and can't find the names to these parts so I can order them accordingly. Please 🙏 help Edit: Moved to R107, clicking the link will take you there
  20. R/C107 SL/SLC Class
    PLEASE help if you can name these parts so I can order them accordingly!!
1-20 of 30 Results