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  1. For Sale W210 e55 4Matic

    For Sale/Wanted/Trade/Giveaway
    Good day, Started to check all possibilities to sell my car which is well kept in garage now for past years. It is mercedes e55 w210 wagon 4matic. By all information in google which can be found, so only 15 cars were made like this. It has no rust at all, there are small things which needs to...
    $123,456 USD
  2. W211 E-Class
    Looking for a e55 amg in Arizona for around 15k let me know
  3. W210 E-Class
    So recently within the last two weeks the engine is making a weird type of sound and when it makes this sound I feel a slight vibration throughout the car. Only happens when I'm idling in reverse or drive with the a/c on. Almost like a click type of sound or electricity arching type of sound...
  4. For Sale/Wanted/Trade/Giveaway
    I am looking to buy a jack over for the front driver side for a facelift W210 E55. Any color is fine but I prefer a silver color (744)
  5. Welcome New Members NO CAR REPAIR ISSUES PLEASE
    Hey hey a huge thanks to all members for all the knowledge dispensed throughout this forum, its been a life saver many times! So I have 2 W211’s 2003 E200 Kompressor 2004 E55 and yes you will see me asking for advice and help on the 55 as its new to the family and its in a bad mood😂.
  6. W211 E55 AMG, E63 AMG
    Hello everybody ! I just got this E55 AMG 2005 couple months ago it has 120k miles and been working on it since then , changed spark plugs & one ignition coil cuz it looked cracked. After that i send it to 2-3 shops they kept it for 3 weeks and they just got money from me for inspection and...
  7. W211 E-Class
    Hey guys, Thinking about purchasing a 2004 E55. Selling my 2012 VW GLI and at 130k it had a ton of new parts thrown in so just wondering when the best time to buy an 04 E55, according to mileage, parts already replaces, new parts put in and mods, etc… Thanks!
  8. W211 E-Class
    So I’m a bit new to the tuning community and Mercedes as a whole. I owned an E55 prior to owning my current one but it was bone stock with 190k and a salvage title so it was a completely different story from this one (120k, clean title, and some performance mods that I’ll have listed). Needless...
  9. W211 E-Class
    Hi Everyone, Just curious about an antenna on the trunk of my e55. I've noticed that most don't have it. It's seems to be optional from mercedes, but cant find any info on it. Signal booster for gps maybe?
  10. W126 S,SE,SEC,SEL,SD,SDL Class
    I've been utilizing the wealth of information on this forum restoring my 560SEC since purchasing it at the beginning of 2019 so I thought it was time I should give back. Ill start with a bit about my 560, I purchased it after looking for around a year or so with the intent to carry out a M156...
  11. C215 CL-Class
    Hey guys I have my 2003 CL55 and the head lights are so weak and I mean terrible I cannot see at all. I either have to ride with high beams or rely on city light. I cant find too much information on this, some people say to change the bulb and others say the CL lights are just like that but to...
  12. W211 E-Class
    Hey, I’ve been thinking, I have an 08 E350 4matic and I was wondering if I could swap my engine with a W211 E55 or E63 engine. Is this possible?
  13. Wheels
    Hey all, i just recently got my HRE 549Rs refinished and need to figure out what size spacers and lug bolts i need to have it fit flushed. I want the fitment to look as oem as possible. For a 2004 Sliver E55, Thanks! Fronts: 20x9 +23 tires: 245/30/20 Rears: 20x10 +35 tires: 285/25/20
  14. W210 E50 AMG, E55 AMG
    Recently I had an issue with my fuel light blinking which meant EVAP leak. I did some research and used a car scanner and got this code: P0455 along with two other codes for bad O2 sensors - P0150 + P0130. So i decided I would clear the codes so I could drive home and see if they return. Once I...
  15. W211 E55 AMG, E63 AMG
    My E55 is currently giving me a run for my money my local Dealership and Independent shops cant even figure it out. I think they just don't wanna mess with the car tbh with the big injectors they are blaming the 630cc vrp injectors (just installed) messing up air fuel ratio but its Eurocharged...
  16. W211 E55 AMG, E63 AMG
    The car starts rumbles, doesn't idle then dies. If I give it gas it stays running a bit longer. -Only codes P0341 I don't have Mercedes scanner - Engine was rebuilt -Car sat battery was replaced -vrp 630cc injectors installed before we tested the engine with stock injectors because 2 of the...
  17. W210 E-Class
    we have an e55 and The last time we floored it it shifted into neutral and did not want to go back into gear, but after stopping the car and started it again everything was normal, is this something to worry about? The gearbox was flushed And changed the filter about 9000km ago
  18. W211 E55 AMG, E63 AMG
    Hello. I am new to these forums and new to MB in general. I am 20 years old and I just bought my first car. I chose a 2005 E55 AMG with low mileage. Only 90K. I only payed $6,000 for the car and it’s not a rebuilt title. It’s worth at least 15K with the body condition and miles. However he...
  19. W211 E-Class
    Hi everyone, i recently purchase a 2004 e44 and have been restoring it. It had been left in a garage for 2 years with blown front shocks and would not reverse. I've replaced whatever was needed suspension related and its ride height is back to normal. The reverse issue I am still working on, i...
  20. For Sale/Wanted/Trade/Giveaway
    Great condition without rips or tears. Removed from my E55 with 90k miles. $220+shipping OBO Listed on ebay but happy to close auction early and sell here
1-20 of 31 Results