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  1. New Member Introductions (NO car issues please)
    Hey everyone, I have a 2004 Mercedes E500 4Matic. I am from Calgary AB. This is my first benz and I must thank this forum for the great info I’ve gotten based on some of the issues I’ve had. This week I am doing the J pipes along with the X pipes and resonator and muffler delete which I will...
  2. W211 E-Class
    I am looking for opinions on aftermarket headlight assemblies for my 2004 e500. I need to replace them as they are faded and light output is terrible. What would you all recommend as a good option that won't break the bank? (Factory halogen projectors for reference) Was looking at these since I...
  3. W211

  4. W210 E-Class
    Bought some 2004 e500 rims tryna put on my 2000 e320 but was told my lug bolts arent long enough to secure the rim n dont fit , ive been tryna figure out which ones to buy but im so confused can any give a hand on where n a idea of what i should be looking for from what ive been seing its that i...
  5. C215 CL-Class
    Since we all are aware by now just how insane headlight housing costs are, and that nobody makes/sells replacement lenses.... Does any one know of this style being used on any other models? I can never find any threads on this exact issue but from just quick observation, it would seem as if...
  6. W211 E-Class
    Quick question as the title implies, I'm looking for an 03-05 E500 and do not want any part in the air suspension OR replacing it with something else. I would rather save my money and find one without air suspension. My question would be along the lines of, how common is air suspension, and did...
  7. W211 E-Class
    I have some crazy electrical issues after driving in the rain. The car was fine all day the next day, then this… Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated, I just need to get my family’s only car back on the road. Thank you in advance for...
  8. W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    I know the mirrors a ebay for sure. I was wondering if the bumpers headlight were name brand? tail lights look like a s500?
  9. W211 E-Class
    can anyone help me with these rear turn signal bulbs i cant seem to find them anywhere and are they soldered in or......?? someone point me in the right direction? i cant even see any solder on the bulb or anywhere near the bulb TIA.
  10. W211 E-Class
    Need help identifying my 2005 E500 Base VGS# and the pin size connector (4 or 5) without taking it off the gear. I cant order the part without knowing
  11. W211 E-Class
    I recently bought a 2006 E500 wagon and I’m looking to do some modifying. I discovered and developed a liking for the Carlsson brand since acquiring some wheels by them when I got my w210. Can anyone share any info on finding Carlsson parts for w211’s? I’d be interested in checking anything...
  12. W211 E-Class
    Hey guys, this is my first ever benzworld post. So I used to have this clapped out w220 s500 (rwd) I had as my drift daily. I done 80k-130k miles of hard daily driving banging the rev limiter and the car never let me down. Unfortunately some guy's semi truck wheel came off the truck and hit me...
  13. W210 E-Class
    Hey. Own a w210 e420 engine swapet to an E50. Having issues whit whit the immobiliser. The engine is turning but no spark. Grenn and red light is also flashing in the mirror. The ECU and ignitoin switch is form the swap engine, but i dont have the immobiliser unit from the engine. Is it possible...
  14. W211 E-Class
    Hello all. I recently purchased a beautiful 04 E500 wagon. One owner, 114k miles. I’ve been noticing that the backlight for the Thermotronic AC unit does not shut off and stays on all the time. I have checked the car parked in the driveway several times at night and it’s always on. I recently...
  15. W211 E-Class
    I have a 2005 e500 w211 and I have the upper-driver side coupling from the radiator and I can not find the part to save my life. Just wondering if anybody might know where it could be.
  16. W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    In case you were wondering how loud these cars can get, here's a friends car. He said its ALMOST straight piped.
  17. W211 E-Class
    Hello, first post on I've been looking for a W211 and found a pristine 2006 E500 (black on black) with 15K miles. The previous owner was an elderly woman who only drove it to and from church on weekends. She recently passed and her daughter is asking for $27K. (Her asking...
  18. Member Classifieds
    Folks, Please get in touch with me regarding my Benz Wagon I am trying to sell. Love the car for sure, but I don’t make enough money to take care of it like it deserves. I have many many picture inside and out and I’ll listen to any offer. 132k miles, 4MATIC for sure. [email protected]
  19. W211 E-Class
    Hi, I've had my very much loved '06 E500 4Matic for about 2 1/2 years and it's been great. I've recently started to see the dreaded Airmatic issues starting to show up, although seemingly in a gradual way. About 85,000 mi. Forward driver's side corner of the car started to "droop" some mornings...
1-19 of 22 Results