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  1. For Sale E430

    Member Classifieds
    E430. 226km's. Run's and drive's great. New all season tires on 17's original Mercedes rim's. 2nd set of rims available. New battery. Selling As-Is for $5500. Lowballing will be ignored and blocked. For further information please text me at 6477674640, Paul. Thank you and enjoy your Mercedes
    $5,500 CAD
  2. W210 E-Class
    i recently got a fender from a 1999 e320 and i’m not sure if it’ll fit on my 2000 e430 anybody know?
  3. W210 E-Class
    hi, i have a 2000 mercedes benz e430 with the 722 trans. i currently have 2 codes (p0700, p0715) i understand for the second one id need a new conductor plate but not sure about the first or maybe it’s a different problem since both are combined?
  4. W210 E-Class
    Does anyone know what top speed the 722.6 transmission is capable of?
  5. W210 E-Class
    When turning left at moderate speeds (30mph+), I hear a grinding noise from the rear of the car. I haven't noticed this whilst turning right or when cornering at lower speeds. I have also had this noise whilst reversing onto a raised pavement on my driveway, the same grinding noise whilst the...
  6. W210 E-Class
    Hello all, I have a 2002 E430 4matic that I just replaced the motor mounts and transmission mount on. I'm still getting a slight vibration in gear, and recently noticed the motor is shaking side to side at idle. Any ideas what could be causing this? I also get a clunk that feels like it is...
  7. W210 E-Class
    this happened yesterday, no injuries. can't yet speak to the how... while i think i know the answer, what to do with the poor ol' girl (the car, not the driver ;))? of concern is the wheelbase on that side now appears to be about 3/4" shorter although that could be a bent steering component...
  8. W210 E-Class
    Good afternoon gentlemen I wonder if anyone could help me I have a w210 E-class 430. And I have encountered some gearBox issues it seems to Have loads of shavings in the oil and it has lost drive when it gets hot So I have dropped the oil out of the gearbox and torque converter and was thinking...
  9. Member Classifieds
    Howdy all - the time has come to relinquish my Mistress, the aforementioned 2001 E430. Odometer reads 297,353 miles at this time; the car runs and drives in permanent 2nd gear limp mode with cold a/c. I'm located in the East Valley of Phoenix. I would like to sell the car whole - not...
  10. Wheels
    Howdy all - Got a veritable bargain on a set of 8Jx18 ET44 "Segin" wheels off a 2001 S600. Before I spend any money to restore these wheels, I'd like to get an idea regarding fitment. The wheels came with 245/45-18 tires mounted... imagine my dismay when I tried mounting up the wheel on the...
  11. W210 E-Class
    Hello, I recently picked up a 2001 E430 4matic. The ride height atrocious and the wheel gap looks like its a monster truck. I haven been trying to find a way to lower it but it appears that there isnt any springs or coils made to lower the 4matic. Any suggestions or recommendations?
  12. W210 E-Class
    Hello: I am trying to identify a part on the trunk of my benz, as you can see in this image, the one of the left is almost falling off, and the right side is already gone. Anybody have a part # for these black covers (circled in photos)? Thank you,
  13. R/C107 SL/SLC Class
    I'm curious if anyone has any information on swapping engines with something more modern that delivers stronger and smoother power. I don't want to dump an LS or any other engines that can deliver tons of horsepower, but I'm looking for something that is smoother and more reliable. I was...
  14. Member Classifieds
    2001Mercedes E430 4Matic with 199,007 miles up for sale - being sold as a whole (will not part out) for parts or a project car for someone mechanically inclined. Car has a misfire and has been diagnosed with a burnt valve and almost zero compression on cylinder #5. P300, p305, p304, p307 are...
  15. W210 E-Class
    I have been trying to diagnose this issue for over a month. The passenger window went down half way one day and never came up. When the center console switch is activated the passenger door module just clicks but motor doesn't move. The switch seems to be fine because the module does click. I...
  16. W210 E-Class
    Good Afternoon everyone: My fuel door lock actuator is getting a little noisy when locking/unlocking - I picked up a OEM replacement Fuel Filler Door Lock Actuator P/N: 2108001175 at for about $30 bucks. I did a few searches and was unable to find any threads about how to...
  17. W210 E-Class
    1999 E430 - A/C Climate Control Module - Limited Access to Diagnostics and normal functionality ..... My Pop has this vehicle. He has already had to (in the past) top off the a/c charge of 134a, successfully. But recently decided to fix the leaks (replaced both high side / low side tap valves)...
  18. W210 E-Class
    I took my 98 E430 in for it's first oil change (104k miles) and asked simply to look for leaks (I know it has some because of my garage floor) and for a non-synthetic oil change. I eventually want to start doing my own changes once I can get set up a bit better in the new house. My father in law...
  19. W210 E-Class
    I never thought I'd own a fancy car, but two weeks ago my father-in-law called and said "Hey, I hear you're looking for a car. Want my old 1998 E430?" Ummmm..... lemme think abouOMGYESPLEASEANDTHANKYOU!!! A little background - In May of 2015 I sold my 08' Mazda3 hatch so my wife and I could pay...
  20. W210 E-Class
    I have a 2001 E430 that all of a sudden wont let me turn the key. Car idles at 1st position, battery is NOT dead, because the radio comes on. I want to know if anyone can suggest what i need to do aside from toe it to a repair shop or scrap it. I have used pliers to turn the key but nothing...
1-20 of 20 Results