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  1. W210 E-Class
    Recently I bought a w201 with a bunch of other pieces from a w210. I don't know where this bar came from. Thank for your help!
  2. W210 E-Class
    I changed out the at plug because of a leak but later discovered transmission fluid traveled up the wiring harness and into the tcu. My uncle has a 98 e320 as a parts car and I'm wondering if I can use that for my 02. Thanks in advance Left tcu is from the 98 and right is the old one from the 02
  3. W211 E-Class
    On my way back from coffee I was pulling into my parking spot and my steering lost power.. got a couple malfunctions on my dash. One being to turn the car off which I did and the red battery visit workshop. I look under the hood and my belt is totally torn to pieces. I noticed one of the plastic...
  4. Audio & Telematics Forum
    Sup guys, My radio has been randomly interrupting my music for the past few weeks now and playing a sharp beeping noise for a second and then resuming the song. The beep changes in volume randomly, and only happens when it is a song playing. I've tested audio via YouTube and social media and...
  5. W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    Hi guys, I have a decent quality 1992 320E Sportline, which had just 2 owners, one is the guy who bought it, and second one is me. It has all the books in it, even the first aid kit is still there untouchable. I was wondering how rare is this type of car, because in my country, Georgia(don’t...
  6. For Sale/Wanted/Trade/Giveaway
    Click to see Wheels Rim Set in our shop! 8.5 / 9 x R18 18" Wheel Wheels Rim Set of 4 Staggered Mercedes W211 E350 E550 E320 E55 E63 AMG AutoHub Shop Feel Free to message on our social pages and eBay. Our Customer Support will be happy to assist you :) 3131 Sankey Rd #28 Pleasant Grove, CA...
    $1,655 USD
  7. W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    Any possible help/ideas?
  8. W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    I have a 94 E320 (w124), I replaced the sunroof switch because it was broken. After installing the switch and attempting to operate the sunroof in the tilt and forward and back positions i got no movement at all. But I did hear the motor trying to do its thing, it was more like a dull strain...
  9. W211 E-Class
    Hi!! New to Mercedes’. Just picked up the recommended battery for my car. Watched a quick video online. Seems pretty basic. My question is, I’ve also seen people talking about having to reset the ecu? Maybe it wasn’t as straightforward as I thought. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. W210 E-Class
    so i recently did this guide 96 E320 Steering wheel locked! Please Help! - Forums to install a new ignition cuz it was broken and got all that done and when i turn the key the engine starts going but the car doesnt start (this happened while the ignition was broken too cuz we tried...
  11. 3-SECURE.jpg

    Ultra secure way to zip tie lock actuator to stop pressure leaks without removing lock mechanism from door. Horizontal strap ensures the rear strap won't slip off the shoulder at the yellow arrow.
  12. 1-no!.jpg

    This works to stop pressure leaks, but danger of strap sliding off or cutting into diaphragm
  13. 2-WRAP.jpg

    Good way to zip tie a pressure leak in a lock actuator without removing lock assembly. Puts pressure on front and rear of actuator seal.
  14. W210 E-Class
    Hey Everyone, I've browsed the forums before but finally figured i should sign up and make a post as i can't seem to find the answer anywhere for this. I currently own a handed down '99 E320 Sedan that has recently been having a battery drain. We suspected it was the alternator so we swapped...
  15. W210 E-Class
    im not sure what its actually called but its W0133-1608116 and basically even with a screwdriver in where the switch is supposed to go it just doesnt move, and its supposed to be in a certain position to get the pins to press down so we can put the ignition on and were not sure if were missing...
  16. W210 E-Class
    Howdy all - dealing with a weird problem on the purple wagon. Just turned 430,000 miles today, by the way! I have a spurious BAS/ESP light that seems to come and go on a whim. If the light does come on, it will usually come on with the car (and typically only on warm starts). It will...
  17. W210 E-Class
    I am doing a conductor plate/plug connector/fluid swap due to the famed limp mode AND fluid in my TCM, but am thinking about changing out my solenoids while I am in there. I took all solenoids out and tested their resistances as follows: Torque converter lockup solenoid: 3.8 ohms (range is 2-4)...
  18. For Sale/Wanted/Trade/Giveaway
    302k Runs and drives Transmission rebuilt @215k It’s been my daily driver for 6 years in that time I have replaced: all wheel bearings, both flex discs and center support bearing. Battery and belt. body is rust free and in really good shape with the exception of a small(>2”) ding in the hood and...
    $2,000 USD
  19. W210 E-Class
    So last week I was Driving home from work and my ASR light came on and lost all acceleration and the car died, Now when I start the car it will turn over and run for a few seconds then promptly die. Its not throwing any codes checked both OBD port and the 38 pin in engine bay. Acting like a MAF...
  20. W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    Howdy, Issue occured/noticed after a failed front left bearing. Was working fine prior. Faulty bearing and abs speed sensor changed. Changed the front right bearing too. Cruise control works at lower speeds and the cuts out around 50mph. I can accelerate via cruise control and it stops and...
1-20 of 91 Results