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  1. X204 GLK-Class
    Mercedes GLK220 CDI 4MATIC 2014 fault code P02ce Receiving a fault code without any change in driving Thank you and have a good week
  2. R172 SLK-Class
    Hello SLK drivers , First of all, please excuse my bad English, I sometimes work with a translator because I'm from Germany. I drive a 2012 SLK 250 CDI with 7g Tronic in fire opal and have a few questions regarding noises from the steering and the shifting behavior or the display of the rev...
  3. For Sale/Wanted/Trade/Giveaway
    This beautiful, low miles replacement for my previous CDI was “tapped” from behind on the interstate back in August and has been in an open garage since. When I purchased it from the dealer it had 110,000 miles on it and was spotless. Garage-kept, the older gentleman who owned it took really...
    $3,000 USD
  4. W210 E-Class
    Recently got a W210 E320 (OM613) in very nice condition from a old man that had driven it for 15 years, classic story. Few days ago, it was a very cold morning ( -15C), it started up and i drove it for like 20 minutes, before it starting to sputter and dying right a stop light and wouldnt start...
  5. Diesel Discussion
    Just bought a 2006 e320 with the 109k miles and drives like a dream. I just changed the oil/filter with Liqui Moly 5w/30 Longtime High Tech, Changed the fuel filter, Transmission filter and Liqui Moly Trans Fluid, front brakes, coolant and power steering flush. I noticed while driving that I...
  6. G-Class
    Hi I am about to recieve my 2002 G270 CDI which out puts 156bhp, does anyone have any experience chipping these motors? I found multiple chips claiming 195bhp or 210bhp plus a 20%reduced consumptions...sounds dubios. Anyone else have experience trying to get a little more power from their 270 CDI?
  7. W212 E-Class
    Hi I have a 2010 Mercedes E 250 CDI which was driving fine up until three weeks ago when one morning it suddenly refused to crank and is giving a bunch of error messages on the information cluster. when you turn the ignition all the dash and console lights come on but further twisting to...
  8. W211 E-Class
    Hi guys, My engine OM646.961 110kw 150ps is damaged on my car mercedes benz w211 e220 cdi. Can you please advise whether an OM646.963 from a clc220/C220 CDI with the same power 110kw 150ps will fit perfectly or are they completely different? Thanks. Adil.
  9. Diesel Discussion
    Hi, My Mercedes W210 CDI (oil cooled) Alternator stops charging on above 1800 RPM. All internal and external lights become dimmed. While Idling, there is no extra sound but on increasing RPM strange swirling sound comes on. Belt already checked. No Battery light appears on Dash (when not...
  10. Diesel Discussion
    My pride and joy for the last 13 years was rear-ended in front of my house 10 minutes after I parked it. Engine and tranny in good shape when it was hit. Anyway...I am the second owner of this car and bought it in '07. Loaded with Keyless-Go, upgraded leather, Harmon Kardon 6 disc...
  11. Diesel Discussion
    Any chance this is NOT the oil cooler on my 08GL320? Seems to be dripping down both sides mid- engine more than the bellhousing. Some info suggests some blocks drain around the bellhousing while others down the side above the starter... The turbo inlet and pcv seals were completely trashed but...
  12. Welcome New Members NO CAR REPAIR ISSUES PLEASE
    I have a Mercedes Benz W203 C270 2001, 5speed Automatic it Doesn't Shift i have tried everything from one Transmission oil to another. I have even used the Oil that was recommended by Mercedes Benz Dealer but there is no any change i tried changing the Transmission Filter and Conductor plate bu...
  13. W210 E-Class
    Hello i have a e220 cdi w210 2000 which i have enjoyed for many kms. Just when the first snow arrived the car went very lazy and the EPS lamp started lighting up. Car slowly dies and i have to get towed home. Next day i fill it up with a little diesel then i start it with jumper cables. Drives...
  14. W211 E-Class
    I have a 06 Mercedes Benz e320 and have a problem with the sbc pump when I dropped the car off I showed them a picture of the break problem and they said it should be under warranty later they said they won’t replace it because a code is not poping up even though I showed them a picture of it
  15. W203 C-Class
    This has been a summer project for me, and i plan to keep building on this for a while! - I have a 2006 C200 CDI and have a lot of time lately off University. As a software engineer, I set about writing a custom application for it to control all the cars ECUs directly over CANBUS What is this...
  16. Diesel Discussion
    Hello I have a huge oil leak in my 2007 Mercedes ML320 CDI Turbo Diesel. The oil is leaking from the driver side bell housing. I notice that the leak increases when I apply gas. It is about 2 drips per second and I am trying to figure out where it is coming from. Before all this started I had...
  17. Diesel Discussion
    Hi, if anyone has a repair manual for this type of car it would help me alot. I would really like a manual with torque specs and images and also step by step on how to do stuff. Thanks beforehand.
  18. For Sale/Wanted/Trade/Giveaway
    Looking to Purchase a 2003-2006 e320 CDI Sedan or Wagon.
  19. Diesel Discussion
    I have read that it might be in the glovebox or consol but cant find the aux input to plug in my phone, is there a aux port on this model and if so where? Thanks in advance
  20. W203 C-Class
    The w203 CDI was never available for the US market and I’m American. Can I get one imported or is there another way to find one here? I really want one.
1-20 of 26 Results