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  1. New Member Introductions (NO car issues please)
    Whelp... bought a 'Mog (1990 U1300L Krankenwagen) and some composite panels. Does this forum offer emotional support? Or strictly technical? -Parker
  2. Unimog
    Hi, I'm Alex, from Spain, just a few months ago I started to think about buying a van to camper(Sprinter or Vario) but with the time, I started to change my mind, and want to go more off road, like my Discovery 300td, and I ended with an Unimog in my mind, I always wanted an offroad truck, but I...
  3. Vintage Mercedes-Benz to end of 1976
    Hi, I’m Cam. I’m new to the forum and would appreciate as much help as I can get. I’ve recently acquired a Mercedes 306D camper which has been stripped. The French van has arrived with us and just looking for some tips and some information about the vehicle. The plan is to restore into a unique...
1-3 of 3 Results