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  1. W206 C-Class
    Recently went from a '17 C43 to a '23 C43 and I absolutely love it. I just have one gripe with it. The exhaust; it actually sounds extremely good however it's downfall is how quiet it is. On my last 43 I took off the mufflers and resonator and was able to achieve an amazing sound and it wasn't...
  2. W205 C43 AMG, C63 AMG
    Has anyone converted their 2019 c43 analog cluster to the digital version?
  3. Tire, Wheel, Brake and Suspension Forum
    I have a c43 awd sedan, the front left tire has a tread depth below the safety range, but the other 3 tires were all >= 7/32. The tires I had before were from Continental(contisportcontact 5ssr moe bw, summer high performance), but they dont have any of those tires in stock, so I ended up...
  4. W205 C-Class
    Looking to get a used 2017 C43 or a used 2013 C63, but I am having trouble deciding. I know the C43 is a "fake" AMG, but it still seems like an excellent car from the test drive that I took in one, and being a 2017 model it has some newer features inside which I like. The C63 is a more...
  5. W205 C43 AMG, C63 AMG
    Apologies if this specific symptom has already been covered. I looked for it and couldn't find it. I have a 2017 C43 Convertible and the top hydraulics, motor and electronics all seem fine. The last 4 times I've tried to put it down, on three of the tries, it made it 99% of the way down and...
  6. W205 C-Class
    Selling as I've now sold the car and never got around to putting onto my previous C300 Coupe. See below pictures for all you need to see. Included in the sale; x2 C43 Exhaust Tips x2 C43 Exhaust Hangers x1 C43 Middle diffuser bracket x1 C43 Diffuser Tips could do with a respray. Any...
  7. W205 C-Class
    hello everyone! im new to the website, currently owning c300 2015. 63k and no issues except sunroof squeaking. i love the car but i need more power! never owned an AMG and was thinking about upgrading to c450/c43/c63. my dream car is def the c63 but it will have to be higher miles, around...
  8. W202 C-Class
    Any one ever tried to add wrap in the 3 colours of the German flag to there interior trim? Like the wood trim wrapped with Yellow/Black/Red? Also I would like to add the 3 colours to the Seat sections
1-9 of 9 Results