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  1. W205 C-Class
    Found a rubber tie down with markings " Max stretch 32" " stuck to the bottom of the bumper (pic1). Pulled out the piece. Its a broken tie down (pic2). Can some one tell me, whether this came off the engine hood or something I picked from highway while driving ? Want to make sure, its safe to...
  2. For Sale/Wanted/Trade/Giveaway
    Brand new genuine Mercedes Benz brake parts for the 2013 C300 sports W204. I sold my car and no not have the need for them anymore. I have two rear rotors and brake pads along with brake sensor. Can be bought separately. Parts may also fit other model years since they are common across...
    $220 USD
  3. W204 C-Class
    I have one code 2805 Selector range sensor signal to EWM selector lever signal implausible. Car doesn’t crank. Has power. Installed a New PRND shifter lever hoping that would work but didn’t. Than I’m thinking maybe it’s the gear indicator. Anyone have any experience with this one? Please help
  4. W204 C-Class
    2011 C300 Sport: any thoughts on removal for fan blower (behind glove box)? mine just wont come out and its twists a couple inches but just wont come down. Thanks!
  5. W204 C-Class
    My wife's C300 has Staggered 18" AMG Wheels. 8 inch in front, 8.5 in back. Apparently this is standard for the sport version. 3 of the rims became slightly bent, and if you have staggered rims you know, replacing tires and rims is super expensive - more so due to staggering. Anyone know if I...
  6. W205 C-Class
    Long story short. We leased a 2019 c300 4matic 3 years ago. Due to the outrageous car prices now, we decided to purchase it. First 2 oil changes, I used MB oem 229.52 5w30 oil. Doing my 3rd oil change soon, and was going to use the same oil, but the prices are higher than ever as well. So I...
  7. For Sale/Wanted/Trade/Giveaway
    Click to see Engine in our shop! Engine is in good working condition. Came off of 2013 C300 4Matic with only 68k miles. Compression checked. AutoHub Shop Feel Free to message on our social pages and eBay. Our Customer Support will be happy to assist you :) 3131 Sankey Rd #28 Pleasant Grove...
    $3,166 USD
  8. W204 C-Class
    I was driving my car perfectly fine before I left out of state for a week, when I got back I drove it again no issues then the next day i went to get into the car and as soon as I put my key in the ignition and turned it twice (into the start position) without starting my vehicle and I had an...
  9. W205 C-Class
    trying to get a good sounding exhaust system for a good fair price if anyone knows or has videos of how it sounds
  10. Tire, Wheel, Brake and Suspension Forum
    Hello I have the option to buy C63s amg calipers rotors, line and pads. Does anyone know if they will swap over?
  11. For Sale/Wanted/Trade/Giveaway
    Mercedes 18' AMG OEM Alloy Wheels with Bridgestone Tires. These were the tires and wheels when I purchased my car. I changed them to 19" wheels. They got no damage or scratch on them. Red thing around the wheels for protection and it can be removed easily. It comes with four fairly new...
  12. W205 C-Class
    I bought a used 2020 C300. It has about 20K miles. I noticed that the outer corners of the tires (original Pirelli P7 run-flat tires) seem to be worn more than the inside corners. Anyone know if this is normal? Or should I take it to get an alignment? Also, since the front and rear tires...
  13. Tire, Wheel, Brake and Suspension Forum
    Hello all, I have recently replaced the cross strut with a lemforder after being told the ball joint was bad by a suspension shop. The knocking seemed to go away for about 2 miles of driving, then it returned. I am hoping that the part just settled and I need to torque it down. Wondering if...
  14. W205 C-Class
    Hi everyone, I got a C300 convertible and considering shipping it to Toronto. Does anyone have a similar experience in driving in such a cold area? Thank you so much.
  15. W204 C-Class
    Does anyone have any history of knowing which car play to purchase that will fit and work in my c300. I’ve been looking everywhere for certain specs and cannot find them. Any help is appreciated. Mercedes-Benz C300 4matic
  16. Welcome New Members NO CAR REPAIR ISSUES PLEASE
    Hello everyone, my name is Michel, I'm owner the 2009 Mercedes-Benz C300. I’m from Denver. This is my car
  17. W204 C-Class
    Hi, new member here. I'm posting because my 2011 c300 with 59k miles just started shaking on the passenger side when I accelerate and am going faster than 40mph. As soon as I let off the gas, the shaking stops. It seems to only be shaking at 40-55mph. Any faster and it's not shaking. Steering...
  18. Audio & Telematics Forum
    The scenario below (or similar) has happened several times over the last year/s. Turned car off and went to open trunk and wouldn't open (tried both key and interior release).Turned car back on and then windshield wipers wouldn't turn on nor would speedometer or fuel gauge work. Turned off and...
  19. For Sale/Wanted/Trade/Giveaway
    This is a unique low mileage vehicle that is selling due to owner passing. Excellent condition. Black exterior/interior. Garaged since 2011. Looking for individual buyer. No brokers/ dealers. Located in Westchester County, NY. Thanks. Greg
  20. W205 C-Class
    I have several messages popping up when I start my 2015 c300. It’s saying both parking lights are inoperative but the bulbs are working, front collision assist is inoperative, blind spot sensors are inoperative, and a message just saying “malfunction please so owners guide” does anyone know why...
1-20 of 35 Results