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  1. W140 S-Class
    So I was looking at (dreaming of) an R129 SL AMG when I saw a video of an S72 coupé by a guy on YouTube. My interest is peaked. I saw some post about Japanese C140 AMG imports and a few others that I cannot recall. I then found traces of infos of so many weird V12 powered C140 models: S600...
  2. W140 S-Class
    Hello. Just bought a C140 500 and i have some problems and i m trying to fix them but this pice i cant find anywhere. Can someone tell me where can I find it or with what part it comes because I tryed buying the arms but it didnt come with it.(the plastic thing)
  3. W140 S-Class
    Hi there .. HELP! trying to find a part for my 1998 c140 .. looking for part number 1406920822 (passengers side) it’s a plastic cover for the seat belt feeder/guide .. if you have one or know where one is, please let me know.. any color will do I can spray paint and try to match but the color is...
  4. W140 S-Class
    My coolant light came on a month ago, and I tried the following, but it still has not deactivated. -Replaced the coolant level sensor -Replaced the windshield washer reservoir sensor (as I’ve heard they use the same circuit). The back story: Coolant light randomly turned on one day after a...
  5. W140 S-Class
    Hello, I'm having troubles starting a 1997 W140 coupe S500 V8. The car will crank, spark and there is fuel pressure but it won't run. The problem seems to be with the fuel injectors. When I put fuel in the inlet, the engine will run for a while and then die. I already checked a few things...
  6. W140 S-Class
    Hi. Is there any changes on the suspension on an early c140 and an late one?
  7. W140 S-Class
    Hi I created a new account for this post. [I've owned 2 Mercedes prior: a 2005 2500 4matic & a 2007 s550 in which I have unfortunately have gotten hit in total loss incidents for each of them and had to sell them through insurance, and now I am looking into the predecessor of the w220 and the...
1-9 of 9 Results