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  1. Tire, Wheel, Brake and Suspension Forum
    Is it better to complete a 4-wheel alignment when a front-end alignment is all that's suspected?
  2. Tire, Wheel, Brake and Suspension Forum
    Hello guys, on my 190e I have this weird issue that is kind of hard to describe, but I will try my best. The steering wheel does not return to center normally. When I turn my wheel half a turn (180 degrees) it will come back to center, but very reluctantly, and not allways all the way. When I...
  3. W201 190-Class
    Hello everybody i would like to do a wheel alignment on my car. I will take it to a professional for the alignment. The thing that i don't know is whether or not the rear axle on the 190E has adjustable camber and caster. The only thing that i have found right now is that you can only adjust...
  4. W203 C-Class
    Hi All, I have a simple question. When I changed my Mercedes 220 CDI (year 2000, W203) front tires I asked for a wheel alignment to be carried out. Even though the garage where I brought it had a state-of-the-art wheel alignment stand, they would only adjust the toe but wouldn't adjust the...
  5. W163 M-Class
    I have a 2000 ML55 that I have been fixing up to use for this upcoming winter and one of the remaining items is getting to the bottom of the caster issue the car has. It appears that the previous owner hit a curb of some sorts and totally destroyed the RF upper control arm. I've replaced that...
  6. W210 E-Class
    Hi 👋, I'm completely new to both mercedes benz World and the cars alike. I've just picked up a e240 1999 avantgarde. When I let go of the wheel, it pulls to the left. Is this a wheel alignment issue?
  7. Tire, Wheel, Brake and Suspension Forum
    I’ve been having some major issues with my 2005 CLK 500 this week and am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or could offer some insight. The backstory: after noticing some vibration while driving my back drivers side tire burst on the highway. Upon examining it/ putting on the...
  8. Tire, Wheel, Brake and Suspension Forum
    In my 2012 S65 I hit a big pothole and blew out my left front sidewall (sounded like an explosion from inside the car). I replaced the tire, and a couple thousand miles later I noticed significant wear on the inside edges of both front tires. I took it in to the dealer for an alignment and the...
  9. W204 C-Class
    Hi there, I have a 2013 C300 4Matic Sport (staggered setup, so no rotation, R17, 225/45 Front and 245/40 Rear tire) and it burn through rear tires really fast. The most I've gotten out of them has been ~15000-18000KM. I have Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+. However, only rear tires wear so fast...
  10. W163 M-Class
    I got in a little bit of an accident about a month or so ago, since my rear toe has been about a quarter of an inch too far in, how can I fix this? Would I have to buy new parts because when I look under it I don't see an obvious way to adjust the toe like you can for the front suspension.
1-10 of 10 Results