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  1. W220 S-Class
    does anyone know where i can find a similar rubber hose? i bought the aftermarket air pump and the plastic hose has it on the other side . the one that came with my car is the small one ,but i saw a youtube video and apparently theres longer ones. if anyone knows where i can purchase one...
  2. C230 Air Intake for sale

    $55 including postage in U.S. I used the air intake ends and attached a new 3" hose/clamps. Very clean.
  3. W202 C-Class
    Hi everyone, little bit new around here. I own a 1997 C280 with the 2.8L In-line 6 engine. It has around roughly 154,000 miles, and no mechanical problems whatsoever. I’ve been looking into the possibility of an air intake system to replace the factory air box, but can’t find a specific intake...
  4. X204 GLK-Class
    I went to run a can of Sea Foam spray through my intake hoping to improve my gas milage and the nozzle must be inserted in front of the throttle and must be after the mass air flow sensor. On the North America 2011 GLK350 with the M272 engine that would be between the 90-degree air intake...
  5. R/C107 SL/SLC Class
    Hey all I have a 1980 450 SL and can't find the names to these parts so I can order them accordingly. Please 🙏 help Edit: Moved to R107, clicking the link will take you there
  6. R/C107 SL/SLC Class
    PLEASE help if you can name these parts so I can order them accordingly!!
  7. W163 M-Class
    I removed and cleaned the EGR valve on my 2001 ML430. While removing the air intake, the upper locator guide tab/bracket broke as well as the lower snap-lock that attaches it to the throttle body. I had them plastic welded by a body shop that has the equipment to professionally weld plastic. See...
1-7 of 7 Results