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    1992 300Te 4M Smoke Silver
  2. New Members Welcome. NO CAR REPAIR ISSUES PLEASE
    Hi All, I just finished having my intake manifold and exhaust thoroughly cleaned, and after I was told that the DPF was clogged up and needed to be cleaned. They had removed the part for me to have a friend who works in DPF cleaning clean it out, however a bunch of places aren't able to put it...
  3. W210 E-Class
    Hello, I recently picked up a 2001 E430 4matic. The ride height atrocious and the wheel gap looks like its a monster truck. I haven been trying to find a way to lower it but it appears that there isnt any springs or coils made to lower the 4matic. Any suggestions or recommendations?
  4. For Sale/Wanted/Trade/Giveaway
    2001Mercedes E430 4Matic with 199,007 miles up for sale - being sold as a whole (will not part out) for parts or a project car for someone mechanically inclined. Car has a misfire and has been diagnosed with a burnt valve and almost zero compression on cylinder #5. P300, p305, p304, p307 are...
  5. For Sale/Wanted/Trade/Giveaway
    This is a unique low mileage vehicle that is selling due to owner passing. Excellent condition. Black exterior/interior. Garaged since 2011. Looking for individual buyer. No brokers/ dealers. Located in Westchester County, NY. Thanks. Greg
  6. W204 C-Class
    Hello everyone, As my 2012 car was coming up on 9 years and 50,000 km, I decided that it’s time for the transmission fluid and filter to be replaced. After having confirmed that the transmission is 7G+ not 7G based on the indentations of the pan, I bought the blue fluid (236.15), the...
  7. W211 E-Class
    Hi fellow Mercedes Benz enthusiasts! I have a 2007 E350 4matic that is making a very noticeable "clicking" tapping" noise that only occurs when accelerating. In an attempt to find where the sound is coming from, I had the car up on a lift and listened for the sound as someone was stepping on...
  8. For Sale/Wanted/Trade/Giveaway
    FULLY LOADED. Has just about every option available including Panorama Roof ($1480), Parking Pilot ($970), AMG Performance Exhaust ($650), AMG DYNAMIC PLUS Package ($2800), AMG Performance Studio Package ($4000), Driver Assistance Package ($1500), Multimedia Package ($2300) and much more. The...
  9. W203 C-Class
    When changing out the engine with a similar engine, is it neccessary to have to reprogram the engine and transmission to work together? trying to avoid a problem
  10. W203 C-Class
    Hello great people of BenzWorld, I have searched for a little while on torque specs for the Axle nut on the Passenger front side, because I am planning to do a CV Axle replacement, but I cannot find a definitive answer for torque spec on this. I am also planning to do the Sway bar links as well...
  11. W203 C-Class
    Hello All, Has anyone gone through the process of taking in their car to have the sunroof recall serviced? Did they do anything? 3 years ago I was driving from New York to Buffalo as I began to hear a slight whistling. I pulled over and checked my car all around, checked the windows, checked...
  12. W203 C-Class
    Hello All, I’ve had my 2006 Mercedes C280 4Matic for nearly 5 years now. I got the car while I was still in college, but I always did all the recommended maintenance, either myself, at Mercedes, or at my trusted mechanic. However, I never went above an beyond. My car is currently at at 121xxx...
  13. W203 C-Class
    Any tips on removing the inner tie rod? I’ve looked at the manual but that’s not at all how my inner tie rod looks. I’ve tried a couple of tools for removing the tie rod but no luck. There’s very little room to work with.
  14. W204 C-Class
    Having an issue where the car only moves in (both forward and reverse) at low RPM otherwise something starts spinning freely under the car with a slight grinding sound. While in park it still rolls a bit. Transmission oil level is fine and only 100,000km on the car. Before I have it torn apart...
  15. W220 S-Class
    Hello guys, I've been visiting this forum for a while now, lurking around and reading about the w220 which I've been looking to get for a couple of months now. After a lot of inspections and test drives of terribly maintained (sadly that seems to be the norm here) MBs I was finally lucky enough...
  16. W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    I have the somewhat typical issue
  17. W164 M-Class
    Hello! I am relatively new to the forum, and I would like to ask if anyone has any experience with adding Keyless Entry to their vehicle. My 2009 Mercedes ML350 has only 38,000 miles on it, and I am on a mission to add the feature. If you don't have any experience - please don't start...
  18. W211 E-Class
    Hey Folks, Just sold my 2014 B250 Sport Tourer and I am missing having a MB and that turning radius! A local small used dealer (who are quite reputable) has a 2004 E320 with 210K kms on it and overall it is in awesome shape for $4900. I might be buying it tomorrow, depending on your input. I...
1-20 of 22 Results