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Not sure "who" the Recipients are. I am new to this forum and could use some guidance. I have a 1987 300td wagon that I have pumped almost $15K into and still needing a few things. It has been one of the BEST vehicle's I have ever owned. Problem is, I don't want to keep pouring money into it. If anyone has an idea or would care to take over, I would be willing to sell. I do know that when I paid $6,500 in 2011plus the $15K I've put in, from what I can tell, trying to sell at $5K has brought no offers. It would be painful to take that. I have ALL the receipts for what I have fixed, changed fluids on a regular basis. She does not leak oil, she'll do 90 mph, when I'm not looking... Any thoughts or ideas gladly accepted!
1987 Mercedes-Benz 300td (White)


Yes, it is a bit dirty and needing a good steam wash. Quite a bit of work was completed by Hubbards German Auto in Eureka, CA. and Mercedes Benz of Portland, OR. Receipts upon request. Two of the things needing would be injector rebuild, and if I kept it, I would have the injector pump rebuilt. About $500-600 by Diesel Injection Service of Portland. Otherwise, it starts and runs good. New radiator, new oil pan and gaskets, front and rear main seals. When I bought the car in 2011, the previous owner said the transmission was new, with four speeds, and, they do work!
Driver and passenger back of seats need upholstering. Dash has 5-6 cracks but still intact. Liner is good+, passenger door handle missing speaker cover. All doors in good working order, The Moon roof has an issue and is now currently taped to prevent water issues. I believe a bracket came loose in its mechanism. It did function and no leaks. Passenger and rear driver window stopped working and believe a wire or short somewhere. Carpet has small tear and needs good cleaning otherwise in good shape.
Rough paint with rust spot's but no rust through ie:(cancer). Glass is excellent, new windshield. New grill, right front fender has very slight damage from the past, but, you can hardly tell. New headlight assemblies left and right. Otherwise the exterior body is in good shape. Back door hatch strip along the bottom edge is off and needing clips for reattachment. Roof rack functions good.
Alpine stereo and CD player. Purchased in 2012. Works great.
Rear levelers rebuilt by MB of Portland. There a few other items repaired by them. Picking up the receipts on my next trip to Portland, OR.
Wheel and Tire
New brakes by Hubbards German Auto in Eureka, CA. Also had a realignment in 2014. Tires are Michelin about 75%.



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