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My Old man bought it in 85 or 86 and delivered it to me in Texas after he towed a Uhaul trailer from Seattle to Houston with it when they bought a motor home to go tooling around the country in. All of this transpired in 2012 and it came to me with about 350,000 miles on the clock. I used it a second car until the 100 miles I was driving everyday was just too much for me to stomach in my old Dodge 4WD PU and started using it as a commuter. It currently has 436,000 on it and it might even be a little bit higher as the odometer gear blew out along the way somewhere around 400,000 and It was intermittently not recording miles until I fixed it with replacement gears. Never had the turbo off, still original trans and motor. Had to deal with the usual trials and tribulations of an old Mercedes Diesel but I am constantly impressed by the way the car is built and designed and hope that it never dies because I don't think I could justify putting any money into it, aside for maintenance. Car still looks good and runs like a top. I really can't get over how forgiving it is.
1983 Mercedes-Benz 300SD (White)


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