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Arctic White
I bought early January 2015 as a late 2014 Christmas Present to myself. Most major maintenance items have been addressed by PO I believe, new fuel lines front and rear done just after purchase as well as 4 new tyres and alignment. Ready now for road trippin'.
1991 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC (Arctic White)


Another area that for the most part is still factory equipped, the PO told me that the top end had been worked on, chains, guides, etc (thinking that with the mileage a guide broke . . . . ). I've replaced the fuel lines, they were in BAD shape, cracked badly enough I'm surprised they weren't leaking
Interior of this car has been well taken car of, even the driver's seat bolster isn't worn through and there is just one small tear in the top of the back seat next to the headrest. The white faced gauges were installed by PO. I repaired the odometer, don't know how long it was broken and I painted the gauge needles red from the faded orange
The only mod done so far has been moving a couple of unused taillight sockets (were side marker lights not used with these aftermarket tails) and made them an additional set of brake lights next to the license plate. The "regular" brake lights are above the taillights
Right now we still have the factory Becker system, it's a bit on the weak side but will do until I get a chance to gather the needed pieces and parts to make an awesome (to me anyway) stereo that suits my ears
The springs were replaced with lowering springs by the PO. The car's stance looks good
Wheel and Tire
I did some searching and I believe these wheels are Mandrus Milleniums, and if they are they were/are made exclusively for Mercedes cars, tire size is 235/45R17, 4 Goodyear Eagles put on a couple of weeks ago. Some may think I should have put on a set of "high performance" tyres but since I'm not planning on racing or hot rodding AND I've had good running on Eagles in the past I opted for what I know



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