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280SE 4.5 V8
Classic White
A/C, leather, mahogany dash & trim
Very unusual history...
Mechanic took this '72 engine and drive train with 8,000 original miles from a wreck in '75. He ordered a brand-new chassis on a palette from MBZ Stuttgart, reassembled the car, put a strange Dupont paint job on it. The first time he rolled it into the sun, it crackled like a celadon vase. He was so disgusted, he rolled it into his big garage and never drove it a single mile until I bought it in 1998.
I did a frame-off strip down to perfectly clean steel and started over. I literally cleaned every single screw with a toothbrush! I put a beautiful 3-stage Spies-Hecker Classic 050 White paint job on it. The only part I didn't do myself was the re-finish of the mahogany dash.
It was a 3-year project. I was in a rush to finish towards the end, as I relocated to Swizterland, where The Staff Car is a regular at the Sunday Morning Oldtimer Meeting in Zug, Switzerland.
15 zears later I decided to tackle that nagging overßtemp problem ß everz time I was in stop-and-go traffic it would quickly over-temp. I pulled the head and found that there were POUNDS of gunk blocking all of the cooling lines! Now it runs cool, strong, and fast, with better gas mileage.
2017 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 4.5 V8 (Classic White)



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