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Silver Blue Metallic code 930
Purchased car from original owner with 182,000 miles on the odometer for a daily commuter, ended up enjoying the car so much that I continued to work out the bugs and sold my other car.
1982 Mercedes-Benz 300SD (Silver Blue Metallic code 930)


Full mechanical overhaul, Valve Adjustment, Replaced Rear Main Seal, Replaced Front Crankshaft Seal, Replaced Valve Stem Seals, Replaced Lower Oil Pan Gasket, Resealed Upper Oil Pan, Replaced Accessory Gaskets, Injection Pump, Fuel Pump, Water Pump, Vacuum Pump, Oil Filter Housing, Replaced Fuel Filters & Hose, Replaced all fluids coolant, power steering fluid, motor oil. Replaced all brake pads all around, including new rotors up front, and the sensors. Replaced A/C compressor and recharged A/C system 9regretably have had to replace the compressor three times, over the past year.

Did all the above mentioned work myself, but sent the Deez to Long Beach Mercedes to have it aligned, and sent the Transmission up to Reseda to have it gone through as it needed attention.
Had Driver and front Passenger seat rebuilt with new foam, springs, and covered in new MB-Tex (original blue color). Replaced Steering wheel with a OEM wheel in better shape. New floor mats all around.
Original owner had every cheesy pep boy add on, so I removed all stick on chrome around wheel wells and doors. Replaced front Grill. Plans to re-spray the car to factor color and add the one piece euro HID lights.
Replaced existing dated aftermarket radio with a new Bluetooth capable,Sony Faceplate, adding optioned microphone for hands free Bluetooth calls. New upgraded Speakers in dash and rear deck.
Lowered front suspension 2" by heating the front coils.
Wheel and Tire
Currently have original 14" factory chrome wheels with new Michelin Defender 205/70/R14, but hoping to find a low offset or et set of AMG Aero I hammers , AMG Monoblocks, or AMG Three Pieces in 16" or 17' on this forum.



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