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S500 Coupe
July 6, 2015-
I'm the third owner, bought it in 2010 with 146,000 miles, it now has 171,000 and the only real problem I've had is that the rear passenger window quit working in the down position, I think I pulled it out of its track trying to raise it manually. I've got it sort of propped up closed, I'm sure it would cost a fortune to fix, so I don't know if I want to put that much into it at this point. A couple minor things, I have to remember to press the EC light as soon as I start the car for the AC to kick in, if not pressing the EC button does nothing, so I have to turn off the car then restart it and press the button within 10 seconds or so, otherwise it remains on and the air remains uncooled. And the outside temperature reading under the odometer went out, occasionally it will light up with some ridiculous reading, like -46 F. And the ABS and the light next to it stays on unless I press the brake pedal as I start the engine, then they stay off. Weird. Mechanically I could have had a better experience, not the first problem. Maybe I shouldn't have said that, it'll probably blow up tomorrow.
1996 Mercedes-Benz S500 Coupe (Black)



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