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SL 500
Color Code: 199 – Black Pearl Metallic.
The car has been in the family since early 2014. So we have had it for more than 4years know. My uncle was able to found it at that time and bought this car with no rust on it, so I think it was a pretty good deal. In the last 4 years he only drove about 4000km with it, and 'cause he has bought a 2005 CLS 55AMG ( He has already had two children, and the SL doesn't make sense on the weekends anymore.) I managed to buy this true classic.
And of course, I love it.
To get to konw more about Samantha you can follow me :
Instagram : @trapshitkalci
Facebook: Trapshit Productionz
Youtube : Trapshit Productionz
1993 Mercedes-Benz SL 500 (Color Code: 199 – Black Pearl Metallic.)


M119 129.067 engine 320horsepower
Everything is original
I try to reset or restore the whole car to the original condition except the exhaust and maybe the steering. The exhaust is modified and it has a really raw sound right now, so I just love it. The steering wheel is a 360mm wood aftermarket steering which I really like too. I have the original 390mm half wood and half leather steering but the outer diameter for me is too big, so I prefer this 360mm.
Wheel and Tire
My wheels are 3piece OZ Futura 18inch classics. Front 10,5 inches wide and 11,5inches width at the back.



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