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Petrol (Blue-Green metallic)
I bought my car with 150,000 miles on it. It was in decent shape, no major rust (Florida car), just a spot on the passenger side below the rear window. Paint was original, and in decent shape for its age with a handful of dings and clearcoat issues as well as a few burn-through spots where inexperienced detailers burnt through the clearcoat. Strut-rod bushings were clunking and the AC vacuum pods were all toast. Engine and drive-train were solid despite several vacuum leaks. I was immediately impressed with the road-feel of this behemoth, and was certain that I had made a wise decision in buying it. Over the last 4+ years, I have continued to maintain, repair and upgrade it as time and money have allowed. I have driven many new and newer cars, and would rather have my SDL than ANY of them!

Here is a running list of the repairs/improvements made to the road warrior:

Replaced stock US headlights with Euro lights
Replaced vacuum pump with updated pump
Replaced the radiator
Replaced the AC compressor, dryer, etc.
Replaced the seals and crush washers in the IP
Repaired the vacuum shut-off valve (she no want to stop running :()
Replaced all worn front end suspension parts (upper and lower control arms, ball joints, strut-rod bushings, shocks (Bilstein HDs), springs (H&R lowering), inner and outer tie-rod ends, center drag link)
Had the PS pump adjusted (YEA!, no more slop)
Replaced the glow plugs
Had the injectors rebuild with new nozzles
Had the valve seals replaced
Replaced the alternator (3 times! junk Auto-zone alternators...)
Replaced the belt tensioner (2 times)
Repaired the cruise control amplifier (after the alternator fried it)
Repaired the cruise control linkage
Installed an EGR block plate
Repaired the mono-valve
Replaced the cord to the block heater
Replaced all brake calipers
Replaced rear suspension bushings
Replaced rear shocks (Bilstein HDs)
Replaced rear springs (H&R lowering, then stock springs - too much negative camber)
Repaired all AC vacuum pods to allow for control of AC and heat
Replaced shifter bushings
Replaced CCU
Replaced over-voltage protection relay(fried by alternator)
Replaced turn signal relay (fried by alternator)
Repaired speedometer (fried by alternator)
Applied Plasti-dip to the exterior of the car (Pearl white)
Replaced all seats and interior bits with gray from a '91 SEL
Mercedes symbol projector puddle lights
Aussi-Max plus keyless entry
Euro warning triangle
All new rotors, pads and calipers
Replaced trunk latching mechanism
1987 Mercedes-Benz 300SDL (Petrol (Blue-Green metallic))


European Headlights
Clear corner markers
Authentic German front license plate
Aftermarket JVC head-unit/CD player with Bluetooth
Aftermarket upgraded speakers front and rear
10" sub-woofer (in box from manufacturer - Alpine)
Amp to drive the rear speakers
Amp to drive the sub-woofer
Wheel and Tire
Several different sets of wheels to choose from: 17" AMG 5-spoke to newer W210 wheels to gold basket-weave BBS wheels


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