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300ce Maintenance & Repair Log

04/13/15-Checked ignition & coil wires along with distributor and rotor
04/13/15-New Spark plugs
04/13/15-Replaced all fuses with brass filament fuses
04/13/15-New Thermostat housing
04/13/15-New Thermostat
04/18/15-New Fan bearing bracket
04/18/15-New Fan bearing pulley
04/30/15-New Radiator
04/30/15-New Air intake scoop
05/10/15-Coolant flush
05/10/15-Oil & filter change - mileage 188346 5w 30
05/19/15-Drained old fuel out of gas tank added new 5 gallons of gas with 1qt lucas fuel additive
05/19/15-New Fuel strainer
05/22/15-New Heater control valve
05/26/15-New Fuel pumps, filter & accumulator
05/28/15-New Fuel filler neck seal
07/11/15-New Climate control temp sensor
07/18/15-New Engine temperature temp sensor
07/19/15-New Bosch O2 Sensor # 15725
07/22/15-Replaced driver side rear tail light lens
07/24/15-New Fuel Injectors
07/25/15-New hood pad
07/26/15-Removed and cleaned airflow sensor/distributor
07/26/15-Cleaned throttle body
07/26/15-New o-ring for oil dip stick broken-new order
07/27/15-Rear end oil change - mileage 188360
07/31/15-Replaced 2 hoses for icv to engine manifold
08/03/15-New Engine Oil Cap
08/04/15-New Engine Oil Dip Stick
08/04/15-New Coolant Reservoir Cap
08/15/15-Cleaned and dressed with dielectric grease-Distributor Cap, ignition, coil wires & rotor
08/15/15-Dressed all electrical connectors with dielectric grease
08/19/15-New Air Filter
08/19/15-Replaced new fuel injectors with new units…
08/19/15-New air intake temperature sensor
09/17/15-Coolant flush/Attempted Heater Core Flush, heater core needs replacing
09/20/15-Coolant replacement/Zerex G 05 50%-distilled water 50%
09/20/15-Replaced Thermostat O-ring
10/15/15-New Distributor Cap
10/15/15-New RotorControl
10/20/15-New Distributor Cap Oring
11/16/15-System Pressure test & Pressure holding test
11/16/15-New check Valves Installed
12/16/15-Adjusted Duty Cycle (Lamba Mixture Control Adjustment)…ongoing
01/09/16-New Tires & Rims / mileage 189,146
01/10/16-Oil Change & filter change - mileage 189,175 – 5w-30
04/18/16-Replaced end tailpipe rubber hangers – 116 492 00 82
04/19/16-Transmission fluid and filter change – mileage 190693
-water pump
-fan clutch
-by pass hose
09/25/16-Oil & Filter change - mileage 192,000 5w30
09/25/16-Replaced Antifreeze
10/02/16-Replaced Upper/Lower antenna seals
10/16/16-Replaced fuel filter sleeves
10/28/16-Replaced windshield wiper
11/27/16-Replaced distributor ignition dust cover
12/11/16-Installed New Stereo / Pioneer
12/30/16-Had heater core flushed out professionally
with "Simple Green" Degreasing Solution - GOT HEAT
01/17/17- Replaced lower control arm (passenger side)
01/22/17-Replaced Air filter housing intake scoop & Breather hose
02/14/17-Blower motor failed, replaced fuse
# 000 545 20 help
03/12/17-Adjusted Bowden cable and throttle linkage
03/12/17-Adjusted EHA valve for richer mixture
05/11/17-Replaced Blower Motor
05/24/17-Replaced driver side window regulator
05/28/17-Replaced Oil level sensor and seal
05/28/17-Oil & filter change - mileage 195745 - 10w30
05/30/17-Replaced driver side seat position switch
06/11/17-Replaced Rotors, Pads, Rentention Pins, Brake Pad Sensors, 3 brake lines (right rear line frozen) and replaced brake fluid dot 4 with "Motive" Power Brake Bleeder - mileage 195853
07/03/17-Transmission fluid and filter change – mileage 196075
09/25/17-Rebuilt Transmission from Sun Valley Mercedes installed. Mileage 196025
09/25/17-New rear engine seal and cover installed
09/25/17-2 Shift lever bushings replace
10/07/17-Replaced Oxygen Sensor - Bosch 13146 OE mileage 196,368
10/07/17-Replaced instrument cluster potentiometer (dimmer)
MB A 000 542 38 22
10/15/17-Replaced hood release cable
MB 124 880 00 59
10/15/17-Replaced driver side motor for window regulator
10/22/17-Re-Installed hood pad w MercedesSource kit
11/08/17-Replaced coolant & overflow resevoir, repaired its drain hose
11/19/17-Replaced OVP with New KAE 201 540 37 45
12/29/17-Replaced 2 fuel pumps with Bosch #69608
12/29/17-Replaced fuel pump hard line.
12/29/17-Replaced 2 check valves # 000-090-03-10
12/29/17-Oil Change 5w30 mileage-198800
05/06/18-Replaced air filter
05/06/18-Replaced air flow potentiometer
05/07/18-Replaced voltage regulator
05/07/18-Replaced headlight switch
06/18/18-Body & Paint Begins
-new front bumper
-new front impact strip
-new rear impact strip
07/23/18-Body & Paint Completed
08/12/18-Replaced distributor cap, rotor & spark plugs-Bosch/mileage 201870
08/14/18-Replaced O2 sensor-Bosch 13148(009 542 91 17)
08/20/18-Replaced engine thermostat and seal Mercedes OES
08/20/18-Readusted duty cycle to 45%-50%@47% mean value at idle
Readjusted EHA to duty cycle to 45%-40%@47% mean value at 2500 rpm
System pressure test good
08/26/18-Installed new OE Mercedes grill chrome star
08/27/18-Installed new Bosch
0 438 170 055 fuel injection pressure accumulator
new Bosch
002 477 17 01 fuel filter
08/31/18-Installed new OE Mercedes grill emblem
09/02/18-Installed new HVAC fan blower motor resistor
09/11/18-Flushed power steering fluid out of system: Installed New Hengst filter & MB Power Steering Oil & Gear Lubricant-mileage 202402
09/11/18-Added 7oz of Seaform to engine oil-mileage 202402
09/12/18-Replaced rear differential fluid-mileage 202442
09/16/18-Replaced rear trunk star emblem
09/19/18-Added a bottle of Techron fuel additive to full tank of gas
09/28/18-Had A/C system vacuumed tested and charged with R12 freon. Compressor wouldn't run without supply direct 12 volts to it.
10/04/18-Replaced MAS control unit pn 012 545 48 33 which resolved the A/C compressor issue. GOT AIR!
10/07/18-Replaced spark plugs with Bosch F8DC4
10/19/18-Replaced battery
10/19/18-Replaced windshield wiper
10/23 /18- Replaced Crank Shaft Position Sensor #0261210051
10/26/18-Replaced Fuel Pressure Regulator: Bosch
#0 438 161 013
11/15/18-Replaced CIS CTS: Meyle 014 054 0035
11/16/18-Winter Oil & filter change 5w40 mileage 203800
04/07/19-New Bosch Fuel Injectors #043 750 20 54 installed mileage-205150
05/05/19-Replaced both rear window seals- A1246701039 & 0939
05/06/19-Replaced spark plugs with Bosch F8DC4
05/06/19-Oil & filter change 10w40 High mileage Valvoline-mileage 205583
05/14/19-Replaced EHA valve with Bosch-000 070 39 62
05/17/19-Replaced top timing chain cover gasket with MB-1040150220
05/17/19-Replaced cam shaft seal with Victor Reinz-0189977947
05/18/19-Replaced belt tensioner with MB-1032000870
05/18/19-Replaced belt tensioner damper with MB-1032000117
05/18/18-Replaced belt tensioner damper with OE-1032000237
05/19/19-Replaced valve cover, with refurbushed MB-1040160405 and had it powder coated red.
05/20/19-Replaced distributor rotor with MB-1041580231
05/20/19-Replaced spark plug and coil wires with BREMI-1041500319
Replaced and painted engine spark plug cover with MB-1041500175
05/20/19-Painted Air filter housing top
07/24/19-Replaced Transmission overload protection switch OE 0025454514 and oring OE
07/24/19-Replaced steering idler arm bushings with lemforder kit #1107801/1204600819
07/28/19-Replaced broken lock cylinder with OE Mercedes Part# 126-460-02-04
07/30/19-Replaced front/rear struts, shocks, Lesofors coil springs, mounts & boots with Bilstein B4 & Lemforder front strut mounts.
07/30/19-Alignment front & rear.
08/08/19-Repair Roll-top console lock engagement.
08/09/19-Had AC recharged, service ports and valves cleaned -mileage 206519
08/12/19-Oil & filter change to 15w40 mileage-206530
08/29/19-Installed missing transmission overload protection switch boot/cover
09/11/19-Replaced exhaust rear muffler with OE equivalent Eberspaecher 2399081/1244910800
09/13/19-Replaced thermostat with Genuine MB cooling thermostat 87-1102000515 w gasket
09/13/19-Replaced engine cooling thermostat housing with Genuine MB housing-1032030774
09/13/19-Replaced upper heater hose with Genuine MB hose-1245012482 w clamps
1991 Mercedes-Benz 300ce (red)


Pioneer AVH-X7800BT



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