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Purchased last year from GEG Automotive.

My experience with this dealership was typical of mostly any car dealership that wants to sell you something. They sensationalize the history on certain attributes of the vehicle to encourage the buyer to buy the vehicle but in my case, that was completely unnecessary because I already knew what I wanted. I purchased the Gold 1999 S320 Mercedes-Benz. Firstly, I'd like to tell you that this car was acquired by this dealership in April-May. It was driven by one of the owners for a total of about 4000 miles over the four month period before I bought it. This is important information because of the issues I found this car to have. Issues: paint badly faded with peeling on the roof(I thought it was just dirty and needed a detail) car roof was painted before(there's over spray on some of the rubber) balding tires (disclosed by dealer) bad brakes (disclosed by dealer) filthy interior (photos taken) AC not working (dealer agreed to get it looked at) driver side view mirror half filled with what appeared to be black oil (dealer commented that his BMW did the same thing) wipers have cracking rubber front windows had half torn off tints(as if someone tried to remove them but gave up halfway thru the job) I prepaid for the car in cash a week and a half before picking it up. I agreed to pay for the tires to be replaced with the original equipment Continentals and all new brakes and rotors. The dealer agreed to take care of the labor for the brakes which was a nice gesture. He also told me he would check the AC. I texted the dealer to ask how everything was going about a week before picking it up and he said brakes were done and that he'd check the AC. I suggested that he check the cabin filter(I'll post the text conversation), because I know that filter is always overlooked. I finally pick up the car and it's filthy. They told me they didn't know I was coming so early. So now I gotta wait for them to do a quick wipe down and bring it out. I ask if the AC is fixed and he tells me, "it's trying to come on and I think it needs a resistor." I check it and it's not working. At this point they have had the car for two weeks and since they got my money, they only took care of the stuff I paid for out of pocket and no longer care because the contract is signed. I get the car home to discover the under part of the blue floor mats has begun to deteriorate into the tan carpets and it's badly stained(I have pictures that I will post). I get it home now to begin giving my car the TLC that it needs. I begin by checking out the AC issue. I start by changing out the cabin and engine filter. The cabin filter was completely black with dirt, mold and mildew which in my case, I'm happy that it wasn't working because I would have been breathing in that air(the AC worked fine after I replaced the cabin filter). The engine filter wasn't much better.(I will post pictures) Changing the cabin and engine air filter would have costed them $40. My entire experience would have been great had these two things been done. I ordered a mirror and some new windshield wipers. I now have to get the suspension checked out because the ride isn't like it should be. I'm going to have to get it painted as well. Buyer beware... I don't understand how a dealership can claim to be a CarFax certified dealership and sell cars without doing the minimum basic maintenance(filters and oil for less than $100 in parts). I'm not happy at all with the way things turned out with this vehicle... It's become a project car for me now... Every other day I'm doing something to fix the car. Passenger side light cover just fell off. Pictures and receipts will follow.

I also had the PSE pump go on me which disabled my door locks, trunk, lumbar and vent selection. I purchase a used one and did so much research as to common causes of them failing. Aside from age they fail from overuse. I installed my new pump and left the rear seat off. I noticed it ran continuously every 2-3 seconds only while the car was running. I turned off the air conditioning to see if that would solve the problem but it didn’t. I then checked my lumbar.... I placed it on 0(zero) and magically, the pump went off. I have a leak in my lumbar but it disengages from the pump in the off position. My next task is to find someone to fix the leak in my lumbar system.
1999 Mercedes-Benz S320 (Gold)


No rips but needed a detail when I got it.
In need of paint.



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