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Meyers Manix
B.F. Meyers & Co. built 5,280 Manx kits, several hundred Manx 2's, about 1,000 Meyers Tow’ds, a couple of hundred Manx SR’s and 75 Resorters - a total of nearly 7,000 kits.

The Resorter/Turista was produced by B.F. Meyers & Co, though not designed by Bruce, to provide a 4-seat tour vehicle. The Resorter had lower sides for easier entrance and exit. The car was originally produced and sold to hotel chains in Puerto Rico, Acapulco and Hawaii. Bruce was not fond of its shape and claimed the sight of it gave him the "turistas" ("Montezuma’s Revenge").

In 1970, with the burden of fighting the cheap imitations of the copiers, cross-country shipping difficulties, the loss of the patent infringement case, demands of the rule changing Excise Tax Board, conflict within the company and an impending divorce, Bruce left B.F. Meyers & Co. for a less stressful life. Under the direction of John Blick, B.F. Meyers & Co. closed its doors in 1971. A public auction equivocated Bruce’s dream at less than ten cents on the dollar.

The one I have, according to the vin Tag R0075F010E

is the (0075) 75th unit of production made in (F) June (0) 1970 with a color of metal flake Red (10 E) THE LAST ONE MADE
1970 Meyers Manix Resorter (RED)



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