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220SB W111 Automatic
Light Grey
Headrests (front seats) MB tex interior, Dealer option A/C, Original Becker Radio, ivory steering wheel, front console seat and arm rest.
Purchased in 2015 in very good daily driver condition. Original California car with no rust and excellent original condition throughout. The car has the rare and notoriously expensive ($1500) original Mercedes Benz front seat headrests, which was a bonus. It has been a weekly driver for the last 3 years, and it has never given me a problem! I had a burst upper radiator hose the first week I drove it, luckily it burst in my driveway after driving home, but other than that nothing has gone wrong! I bought a complete spare car for it as soon as I purchased the car (just in case), but I have not had to take a thing of the spare vehicle.
I registered the California heritage Black and Yellow plates for the car "63 MBENZ", which does not stop people asking "What year is it"? The car was delivered with a lot of options which makes it rather nice. The MB Tex interior has lasted very well, much better than the vast majority of the leather interiors of the same era. This car has been bullet proof. It cruises along on the freeway at 70 mph easily and has been on a few 200 mile round trip drives along the California coastline and up into the mountains in the summers. The car has been garaged all its life, and as a result if a great example of a true original condition survivor. It is not a $100,000 2 door coupe but it is an appreciating classic that gets a lot of compliments where ever we go. The Fintail rear details are an interesting design feature specific to the era when Mercedes where trying to attract a larger American buyer base. These cars are still affordable, but good original cars are becoming harder to find and increasingly expensive. If anybody has one I would like to know and perhaps we could share insights and tips to keep our cars in great working order.
1963 Mercedes-Benz 220SB W111 Automatic (Light Grey)


Honest original condition.
Brake booster refurbished.
Twin carbs.
AC compressor.
MB Tex red original interior, with original red carpet.
Front original Mercedes Benz option head rests (rare and expensive).
Console seat.
Front armrest.
Rear armrest.
Dealer option air conditioning unit, complete but non operational.
None that I know of.
Excellent paint with a few scratches over the last 55 years.
Rust free California car.
California Black and Yellow Legacy Plates 63 MBENZ
Becker Mexico Radio
Photos to be added.
Original VIN plate image
Rear Legacy plate image
Wheel and Tire
Standard 13"
Color matched hub caps with chrome rings



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Is your 63 220 sb still for sale?
My family had a new 220 in 1962 when I was a teen.

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