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General Information

361.000 Km
2003 Mercedes-Benz ML270CDI (Silver)


- The engine oil I used always, was Mobil1, the 0W40 (made in USA) with special products available only in the USA, not available in Australia.
- Installed at the back, a Fridge WAECO 50 liters - Connected permanently to the second 800CCA battery, very good accessory when driving and want to drink cold water, so no matter if u leave the car under the sun, when u come back, the cold drinks will wait for you, always.
- Solar Panel 200 Watt with MPPT Controller and Deep Cycle battery installed under the back seat, on the driver side.
- The AC air conditioning is dual zone, including at the back seats, automatically keeping the required temperature, without any touch.
- Inverter 300 Watt 240 Volt permanently connected to the MPPT Solar Controller and the deep cycle battery (800CCA), installed with the idea of using some electrical hand tools or, for example, you need recharge the batteries of your reflex fotocamera or laptop, or game console, or a digital TV.
- All the lights are LEDs, including the low beam and the high beam, the lower LED curved bar, the top curved LED bar - 52 inches, the LED lights under the doors or the inside cockpit.
- Windows with Mirror Tint (metallic color)
- The car has GPS, and Wi-Fi connection (automatically connects with your home router), Bluetooth automatically connects the phone when approaching the car, - You can watch 4k or FullHD any video from the portable hard drive installed on the dashboard or listen music from the iPod 7th generation 120 Gb also installed on the dashboard, available 2 x USB to connect different hard drives with MP3 or directly music videos or full movies ar any kind of files.
- Online or offline maps from HERE or Google Maps app, you can zoom the images with 2 fingers on the touch screen, in any application. The maps, are updating automatically when you arrive home and the car is automatically connecting to the internet.
- The car has HD Reverse Camera connected thru a video transmitter-receiver on 5.8 Ghz system, giving image automatically in reverse mode, on the 7 inches touch screen installed in the dashboard, very clear image also in dark places or night.
Wheel and Tire
Tires: 255 x 50 x 19 inches on W164 model rims of 19" installed with 4 wheel spacers



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