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Hello, how are you guys , is any body hear about that ?
Apple CarPlay and android auto retrofit module

Mercedes Android auto and carplay retrofit car video interface and integration at CarSight Store
Obviously a lot of you have wondered if it was possible to install Apple CarPlay
there are a lot of Chinese companies selling Android Auto/ Apple CarPlay retrofit kits, I just don't see enough information about this particular company (CarSight). This is their AliExpress vendor page
Anywho, CarSight seems to have good reviews for the units they have sold the most. Also, I have seen there are options for BMW, Audi & Mercedes from other vendors. So my question is, who is going to take the plunge and try it our because I am too scared to do it! Seems pretty legit though and I see a lot of similarities between their documentation/information and what is available from the Naviplus site & videos. What do you guys think?


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